Saturday, November 14, 2015

Birthday Book Club October 2015: The Importance of Being Earnest

Every single month I forget how I title this post. Every stinkin' month. Also I don't really have an excuse for not putting this up in October because I finished it reasonably fast. It's verrry short, but rather fun! And no I have not seen the whole web series, but I plan to. But, ya know Leverage and stuff....

Anywho, on to my "real" thoughts!

Although plots based on misunderstandings (which this book/play is based on if you didn't know) usually make me frustrated (I don't even know why!), these ones just made me laugh. And the end! I was totally not expecting that! It was brilliantly done!

On to characters! Cecily got on my nerves a little bit. Probably because I had seen clips of the In Earnest Cecily, and that's what I based her on in my head. Yeah, that's why we literary hipsters read the books first...

Gwen was sufficiently stuck up to be humorous but not enough to be annoying! Which is a very hard balance! I commend thee Sir Wilde! (Well, his dad was knighted so same thing. For real tho, look it up!)

Jack was well, Jack. Nothing really stood out to me except for his tendency to lie. Seriously, why did Gwen still want to marry him!!! That's gonna be a fuuuuun marriage. (Not really. Notice the italics/sarcasm font)

Algy was awesome! Not as awesome as what I've seen of the web series, but still awesome! He played the piano and talked nonsense that actually sort of made sense! And he was so alive! And his muffins! ahaahahahahaha Sorry, that was like my favorite part though!

And then I finally got the pun in the title :D Yay! I know, it took me way too long....

Now to go watch In Earnest because Algy!! And Lane! We can't forget about Lane!

So because that review was delightfully short for once, I'm gonna tell you about a new friend of mine! Shae is from Wyoming (Middle North Western USish) and is a freshman in a college here in Phoenix. She comes to my church and we hang out and do stuff at concerts and go to Sedona and and freak out about earthquakes. (That's basically what we do!) Anywho, she started a blog, and she's really funny! (Almost as funny as me ;) So here ya go! SHAE'S BLOG

Yay! Now off to watch In Earnest. Or do school or something productive like watching Leverage...

OH AND GUYS!!!!! I'm reading 4 super awesome books at the same time! (And Pilgrim's Progress for school. Meh): Seabiscuit, Mere Christianity, The Long Way Home, and The Story of Nancy Drew (or something like that) And I finished the Rose books! Yay! Get ready for Little House posts! (And possibly a Little House party in a few months :D )

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  1. ALGY IN THE WEBSERIES. I love him. :-)

    I love the book too - it's so funny! "In a HANDbag?!!!!!"

    Eeeeeek! A Little House Blog Party?!!! I would TOTALLY participate in that. (I'm guessing you're going to have it around Laura Ingalls' birthday? February the 7th?)

    ~ Naomi


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