Sunday, November 29, 2015

Birthday Club November: Mere Christianity

I finished Mere Christianity last night, and since it is coincidentally C. S. Lewis's birthday, I decided to push this review up to today.

I had been looking forward to reading this since the beginning of the year, and I was not disappointed. I expected to have to think about things very logically, but I was not expecting to be so challenged and encouraged in my walk with God!

First a few disclaimers: 
1) I skipped like a chapter and a half because he was dealing with stuff I didn't feel it necessary for me to get into right now.
2) This review does not mean I agreed with everything in this book. There were a few things that I didn't agree with, such as Lewis's views on baptism and communion and evolution.

That said, I really enjoyed this book, and I will probably read it again many more times!

I'm sure Lewis's arguments for God and Christianity in the first half were sound. At least they made sense to me, but I was more moved by the second half of the book talking about virtues and then the New Man. Now I had heard most of this stuff before, but I guess I really needed it now because it has stuck with me. I'm just gonna make a short list of concepts I loved because there are a stinkin' lot!

- I liked his idea of God being over time. It still doesn't make complete sense, but it helps, you know what I mean?

- I also enjoyed his description of how the Trinity works though man. Believers pray to God the Father while Jesus Christ, God the Son, is beside them interceding for them while the Holy Spirit works through them. I really got the sense of what it is to have a Spirit-filled life.

- I loved the quote where Lewis says that believers who are more focused on Heaven make a bigger impact on Earth. 

- I also enjoyed his thoughts on acting like you love God or have a particular character trait even when you don't. Because I realized a few weeks ago that I don't always love God or feel like loving God, this chapter really spoke to me. What would I do if I did adore God?

- Finally, I love his chapters on complete dependence on God as we realize that we can do nothing without him!

All said, I loved this book. It made me think and grew me as a Christian. I can't wait to read more of Lewis's books!

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