Sunday, December 27, 2015

Life Updating!!!

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To get right to the point, I have some big news! It doesn't affect blogging too much right now, but I thought you guys might want to know in case I reference it in other blog posts or whatever :)

Anywho, my family's moving at the end of the school year (May). We don't really know where yet, but probably in the southeast. (And suddenly I sympathize with Abraham a whoooole lot more...) Also, my dad is transitioning out of the ministry, so it will be interesting not having church as my "life" anymore. But I'll probably write some blog posts about that.

I would appreciate your prayers as it's ridiculously hard not knowing where we're going to be or where I'm going to college. Also, it's hard thinking about leaving a church family that in one form or another has been your family for the past 11 years. This journey is probably one of the hardest things I've ever been through! However, I know God has a plan for my life and that He loves me and that He is in control! I love you all! Thanks for your prayers! And this shouldn't affect blogging too much. I'll just probably have to take a few weeks off this summer :) Thanks for being awesome super friends!


  1. Oh wow! Such a change! For sure I will pray for you all in this time of uncertinty, good luck? :-)
    All the best Ash, if you ever need to chat, shoot me an email.

  2. Wow, I wish you the best of luck, Ashley! I myself moved three years ago - I know how exhausting it can be. I'll definitely keep you in my prayers! Good luck - I hope it gets exciting. :-)

  3. Wow, Ashley! That's a lot of changes up ahead. Praying for good transitions for you and your whole family :-)

  4. Evie, Naomi, Hamlette: Thanks so much for the encouragement. It means a lot!


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