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Little House: Rose Series

Yes, that's right. I finished the whole stinkin' "canonical" Little House series. And it was amazing! But more on the whole series in another blog post. Today, I'm going to put my reviews for the Rose series. 

I have mixed feelings about Rose. I seem to swing between "Hey, you're cool!" and "Ummmm okay?" and "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?" She's definitely not my favorite Little House girl, but she's not all bad! Her younger self is adorable and smart and helpful and cheerful and all-around good. But as she grows up she changes, and not necessarily in a good way :(

She's so cute!

Little House on Rocky Ridge Ya know, I was sort of prepared for a letdown after the Laura years. But guys, this was amazing! It's like MacBride basically got Laura's voice! And something I'll say for the rest of the series, MacBride nails the emotional scenes. I always seem to feel what Rose is feeling! I love how this series portrays Laura and Manly as people who just keep on keeping on!

I love the movement in this cover!
Little Farm in the Ozarks - I love how Rose helps her Ma and Pa with no more than the usual kid complaining! She's a great kid! I also love how she recognizes thoughts that are wrong, such as her envy of that other family and her dislike of Blanche! She's a very aware little girl! (She sort of grow out of that awareness however...) I also love how she spells and wins because spelling is soooo me! And competitions of any kind are better if you have someone close to your skill level to compete against! All in all, I love how Laura and Manly are finally beginning to see their dreams come true! (And I totally understand their stance about land and fire. We have a lot of big wildfires north of where I live, and it's horrible to see the damage!)

My Grandma had a donkey named Otto once.
It was really, really loud!
In the Land of the Ozarks This book was little episodes but connected mostly by Abe's courtship with Effie! I'm still trying to figure out what Spookendyke means in Russian. I also found Alva and Rose's tension interesting. Rose reminds me of myself. She doesn't really fit in anywhere yet. She's too "cityfied" for Alva, yet she's not as sophisticated as Blanche! Also, what was with the lie she told about Abe courting another girl!? I'm glad Laura made her apologize (good parenting right there) but what even!!!

On the Other Side of the HillWell, I was prepared for this book to be verrryyy depressing thanks to the synopsis and the "foreshadowing", but it wasn't. (That wasn't very good foreshadowing anyway because it wasn't exactly true..) It was happy for a long time, and so many good things happened!(That wasn't very good foreshadowing anyway because it wasn't exactly true..) At least till the last fourth of the book. 
Pretty much...
Also, random remark, these books cover a lot of years, but seem to keep the reader more up to speed with Rose herself than the later Laura books do. Just a thought. 

Anywho, what is with Rose and her teachers? On the one hand, I can see why Laura let her stay home, but I think she should have made her finish at least the term! She should have stuck with her decision! Oh and I love the wish book! And Laura's self-control with it! I can see myself in Laura because I hate to spend money unless I reallllllllly want or need something (or slushies). I'm weird, I know. I appreciated Laura's remarks on growing up and controlling yourself even if you're thinking true but rude things!  And the end!!! *sigh* At least everyone was safe! (That cyclone was wonderfully written!) And the fire!!! I just feel so bad. It seems like every time they're ahead, something comes to pull them back!! It's not fair, but that's life. And I appreciate the Wilder's attitude with it!

Little Town in the OzarksI read this quite a few months ago, but I wrote chapter summaries so I would remember it when I finally got to the Rose books! I remember liking quite a few things! A lot of parts a verrry well-written. For example, when Laura debates for the Indians! YESSSS She's sooooooo good at debate! And then Rose's emotional breakdown is actually pretty realistic and written so splendidly that the reader feels sooo bad for Rose and just like her at the same time! I love how Nate learns to love books and Rose finds Mrs. Rippee's library! And Mr. Craig tells a story that's basically an Auld Mary story, so that was wonderful. I  seem to have just one major hiccup with this book. What in the world was Rose sick with?!? Somebody puhlease refresh my memory, was it because she wore her wet swimsuit or something? Oh well! Over all, this was a splendiferous book! (Besides Rose's attitude at the beginning....) Roger Lea MacBride continues to impress me!

New Dawn on Rocky RidgeWell guys, this book had me experiencing every single human emotion! Let's just go through one by one!

 First confusion. I probably read too fast, but what was that whole thing with Miss Sarah. It kinda seemed important but flew over my head. It has stayed with me though, and I'm not sure why. I guess it's because I'm not totally through processing it! 

Annoyed/frustrated: Seriously Rose, drop the attitude. Just like please. It sort of made the middle of the book rather disagreeable. And that whole thing with Elsa? Really? Like how did that seem a good idea?! 

Sad/sort of sobbing: When I read about the death of a tiny character I was upset. Not crying, but upset. And then the death of y'all know who. I was *this* close to crying and crying hard. To be fair, it had been a hard and emotional week so I was already to the point of tears, but that was hard! Wow! I loved how the story was told from Laura's point of view! 

Excited: Rose and Paul!!!!!! FEELS!!!!! Side note: I love her letters! That's so cool! Because this book ran the whole list of human emotions and touched me, I had to give it 5 stars! (Somebody should make a literary web series of this series!)

On the Banks of the BayouWell, this is where it goes downhill, at least in my opinion. You see, Rose moves away and starts to learn Latin and do all this cool stuff and meets this awesome Acadian family (probably my favorite part of the book), but then she gets politically active in socialism and courts another dude? What? Also, I wished we could have seen more of her at school :(
Anywho, I'm not mad that Rose got politically active and I admire her for standing up for what she believes, but because I very strongly disagree with her stance (except for women's rights), I feel like I don't connect to her as much. This is probably just me, and I'm currently wrestling with whether your opinion of a character should be influenced by her politics. Also, she was a little pushy about the whole thing too. It was interesting to see the issue from a Socialist's viewpoint though. I don't know, Rose just seemed to change. A LOT. And why was she even hanging out with that dude after everything that happened with the salesman!! Really!!! I guess her whole attitude was sort of off-putting. This is still a good book, I just don't like Rose as much as I used to.

Bachelor GirlThis was a disappointing end in some ways. I did like how Rose was on her own and got started with her life. That sounded extremely hard, but I love how she met each challenge! On another note, I liked Rose's friends, but they were so different than Rose and had so many different values than her, that I felt bad for her. She made some choices that I don't think she should have, but she's grown up now! I did like Mr. Lane I guess. And that brings us to the second point! 
Oh look, it's my ship...
PAUL. One of the best chapters was the boat ride one. (At least that ship didn't sink, unlike mine....) It was so sweet and they were together and just YESSSS. BUT PAUL MAKE UP YOUR MIND. I get why he left her. She changed soooo much. But wasn't that kind of his fault for just leaving her. Not that Paul would or could have forced her to stay a certain way, but Rose wouldn't have been pushed to change if she was with Paul living the cutest dream ever! Ughh a little bit was Rose's fault, but most of it was Paul's. What do you expect! She's seriously been living in a different world for 2 years! ARGHHHH It probably wouldn't have worked out anyway :( I like how it ended with Rose off to new adventures though with a nice guy who we all know eventually married her. 

And I love it when the Little House girls are the same age as me! 

Although it ended on a positive, I still feel that Rose changed too much in this book and the previous one for me to love her like I did in the beginning. And I totally understand if you still love her. She has many lovable qualities! I just love her younger self a lot more. This series was a gratifying, although at times disappointing end to a wonderful supercalifragilisticexpialidocious series! (There's no spelling line on supercalifragilisticexpialidocious by the way!)

Also, I'm hoping to finish Pioneer Girl by the end of this year, but I'm not really feeling that yet. However, because Christmas break is coming, I will hopefully have more time to finish it! hahahahahahah we'll see how that goes!


  1. I've commented on these via Goodreads over the past month, I believe - but may I just say that I have SO enjoyed your Little House readthrough! I'm sad it's over. :-)

    (I agree with you on Rose, btw. AND PAUL AND SHIPPING THEM. And on PA DYING. SNIFFFFFFFFFFFFFF.)

    ~ Naomi

  2. Naomi: Thank you so much! SO MANY FEELS!!!


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