Saturday, December 5, 2015

My LMM To Read List

It's Lucy Maud Montgomery week at Eva's blog, and today I want to talk about the LMM books I'm most excited to read! Last summer, I read the whole Anne series and Blue Castle, but you see, Mrs. LMM wrote a bajillion and two books, or so it seems, and I've read 9 of them! There are just so many more to read! (TBH I can only take so much of her at one time, but that doesn't keep me from loving her books!) Here are the ones I want to read the most, thanks to tips from my Goodreads friends' reviews!

Apparently this is from Emily of New Moon
Emily of New Moon - This seems like an Anne story, but with more friends which means more fun! It seems to be about an orphan girl who goes to live with her aunt. Also, Hannah Mary says that they're darker than the Anne stories so that sounds interesting! And Emily wants to be a writer so that's cool! And the romance in the third book looks possibly as epic as Anne and Gilbert! (DO NOT SPOIL IT POR FAVOR) (That means please in Spanish)

The Story Girl - I actually read an excerpt of this in a book with excerpts from a lot of great children's books! It was something about nightmares from eating pickles I think. That's what it was, a dream book! Anyway, thanks Naomi and Eva for your revieww because that Goodreads synopsis is sooooo helpful. (Obviously not) It's about a group of kids who like stories and preaching and dreaming and other stuff. Also, ensemble casts are always fun! These kids' hijinks sound so amazing! I have to read this one soon! It just looks soooooo good!

40s and 50s covers make me laugh
"Of course she had wavy golden hair and a fashionable dress!"
How could she not?"
Jane of Lantern Hill - Well, this one sounds sweet! It looks like it's about a girl who goes from Toronto to live with her dad in PEI (Where else?) And it has a mean grandmother which is always fun :D And Lantern Hill is a beautiful name! But it feels sort of the same as Emily of New Moon and Anne of Green Gables and the Story Girl, you feel me?

Kind of looks like Grace Kelly...
Random Stories - You know LMM wrote a lot of random stories including the Chronicles of Avonlea, the Road to Yesterday, and whole books with themes! Those look cool, and as I really enjoy her more episodic books, I think I'll like them! I've already read like 5 of her stories this week, and most of them were really great, especially the Sandshore Wooing and The Genesis of the Doughnut Club! Thanks Hayden for your recommendations!

Well, do I have some reading to do! Next year, these will definitely be a priority!

What's on your LMM TBR list? Which of these do you recommend most highly?


  1. You and I both! I've only read the Anne series and the Emily series (I'm not as crazy about the Anne series) but I really want to read ore. :) Especially the Blue Castle. Everyone keeps raving about it!

  2. What a great list! This week has me excited to read more by Lucy Maud. I've only read two of her books so far. :)

  3. Lois: The Emily series is starting to sound more and more interesting!

    Jillian: Thanks! This week made me realize how many books LMM wrote!


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