Monday, December 28, 2015

Reading Challenge Wrap-Ups

I have no idea what to use as pics for this post so be prepared for GIFs. Sparingly, I promise.

This was the first year that I did book challenges and I LOVED THEM!!! However, I probably won't be signing up for any next year. You see, I figured out that I used the book challenges for MY reading benefit only, not for the social and networking benefits I though I would use them for.

I loved the reading challenges because they gave me a plan and a goal. I'm a list sort of person. Like I get easily overwhelmed unless I have a list of everything I need to accomplish, including "fun" things. I know I'm weird, but I'm can't be the only one! That way, I feel as if I accomplish something and my goals are written down! When I knew what I was going to read next, my life sooo much easier. I was also pretty flexible when stuff was obviously NOT gonna happen. Also, I learned that at times it's good to forget the schedule and just pick up something that catches my fancy.

When I find a random cool book
On to the challenges! (You can go HERE to see all the links. I didn't want to just recreate that page.) (Also, I'm not linking to anyone who ran a challenge unless I follow them because I didn't really keep up with anyone else at all.... You can see their blogs and sign-up posts on my challenge page.)

I finished Back to the Classics! That was fun to plan because it had different categories you could pick. That's 7 titles off my Classics Club list, which I recently updated, so you should check that out.

I almost finished Mt. TBR (11/12), which is better than I though I did! See, the Mt. TBR list was a teeny bit hard because you had to have the books on hand at the beginning of the year. I get the reason, but most of the books I had on hand were big classics so that was hard.

I finished the Birthday Month Reading Challenge from Lois, which was my personal favorite! You had to read a book each month by an author born in that month. I just loved this challenge a lot. I thought about doing it on my own this year, but I have other plans to be revealed at a later date :D This was the one I had to be the most flexible with because certain books were just not gonna work in that month. Also, I was soooo late at my reviews for these XD

Call me President actually

I crushed my I Love Library Books goal. I basically stopped listing the books because I crushed it sooo badly :D So that one was fun too!

And I read 9 non-fiction books in my goal of 6-10! At the beginning of the year, I actually expected it to be harder! I can't wait to read some more non-fiction next year!

Annnd I finished the Little House Series, my personal challenge for the year. That was probably the most rewarding one just because I got to follow one family for the whole year! You can see my wrap-up post for that HERE.

Finally, I finished the Reading Challenges Addict Challenge Level 1 because I finished between 1 and 6 challenges or something close to that. I know at least finished one :D

Thanks to everyone who ran these challenges. I had so much fun and learned how awesome planned reading can be! Stay tuned for my reading goals for next year!

And yes, this is my second post today. Because that one finished up a reading challenge...


  1. A couple years ago, I did a whole bunch of challenges and then kind of burned out on them. So I'm sticking with the Classics Club, and also doing a "read all the Anne of Green Gables books in one year" challenge thing, and that's it. Two is all I want to do in a year. So I totally understand your position! But good job finishing the ones you did :-)

  2. Hamlette: I can't wait to read your reviews of the Anne books! Thanks!


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