Sunday, January 31, 2016

January 2016 // I Remember Nothing and PARTAY

Sooooooo, I didn't really journal this month. #ShameOnMe BUT because I tweeted a lot, I'll just go check those! Yay!

January 2016 was so much better than January 2015 that I can't even. (Or odd.) I mean there was some hard stuff and sad stuff and Sunday was an emotional roller coaster, but I felt soooo much better than I did last year at this time! I know it has to do with my attitude, but also certain things that are different in my life this year, like having a clear goal/ambition. (Still don't know where I'm going to college cuz I still don't know where I'm moving...)


This month, I got to play piano in TWO concerts during the offering. That was really fun, and the people were sooo nice. That has been really fun, and I can't wait to do it again in a few weeks. I also realized that there's a very good chance I can go to a Southern Gospel Music camp this summer if God opens some doors. (Read: scholarships...) Here's me playing for the first concert.

I also set my graduation date for April 17. However, I'll still be going to school after that probably. Because I will probably still have work to do. And cuz I want to spend time with my friends because all my friends outside school do not live near me... :( I don't have to take English this semester because I tested out, and now I have a lot of study hall time to read, play chess, work on reports, and practice piano. So WIN!

Me everyday...
Slushies at my Circle K went up from 79 cents to 89 cents. I feel betrayed because Arizona was like the last holdout for 79 cent slushies and then inflation had to go and do its stupid thing. Also, you probably don't care, but, guys, you only get a nickel change for a slushie!!! (Counting tax) Therefore, if you buy 19 slushies, you will be able to buy the 20th with the change from the first 19. (Aren't I smart?)
You right now...
Also, great song!
My family watched all three seasons of a TV show called Granite Flats in ONE WEEK. So what, you ask. We watched it as a FAMILY. Do you know how hard that is?! Anywho, it was awesome and they ended season three on a cliffhanger, and didn't put a season four, and I'm not cool with that. I should probably review it next week.
Good ol' BYU
I'm not Mormon BTW
OH WAIT. My Little House Blog Party is next week. I have buttons, a giveaway, and like 4 guest posts. (I can always take more!) YAY! Now I just have to go write all the others... JK. Most of them are in the rough draft stage. (Yes, I have drafts of my blog posts. I'm a reluctant selective perfectionist!) So spread the word if you wish!

Reading actually went well this month. I'm two books ahead of schedule according to Goodreads, which is how I plan to keep it :) I read about 2 books a weekish sort of not really. I got seven in all, so figure that out. I gave up selectively participated on Pioneer Girl because it was interesting, yet monstrously long. I DID finish Ben-Hur FINALLY. It was reallly slow the first half of the month because I had read like half of the book twice already. I finally decided to skip to what I hadn't read and it all went swimmingly. The Story Girl was another highlight of my month. Thanks to all who recommend that!
I hit the GIF jackpot on this one!!1
Well, January is gone and now we enter my least favorite month of the year: FEBRUARY. Although, it is the month of the Southwest Southern Gospel Music Festival and I'll get to meet all my favorite artists and make connections and possibly play and just YES!!!! So there's that.

Oh, and one more thing: I started a new blog Southwestern Gospel. It's more of a music blog, specifically for Southern Gospel. I just felt weird putting those posts here because I get the feeling that's not really my audience. Feel free to check it out! I'll still be blogging here every week, don't worry. (Here's a secret: A to Z is actually more of a priority than Southwestern Gospel at the moment ;) ) And I'll still put some piano stuff here, never fear. (I'm a poet and I didn't know it!)

And just for kicks, here's an arrangement I did this month. You can get the sheet music HERE. It's easier than my others, I promise :)

See ya next week for the Little House Party!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Pianist Spotlight: Trey Ivey

Up next in my Southern Gospel pianists spotlight, Trey Ivey of Legacy Five. I believe I found Trey Ivey while browsing YouTube. I played a clip and found out he played classical arrangements of hymns and such. I was impressed, but didn't really go back for more because I'm not a big classical music person. However, I do really, really like this song. It shows he has the classical stuff but can also make a simple arrangement sound delightful!

A few months later, I found that Trey put out an album with Stow Town Records, who puts out some of my favorite artists' stuff! I got the album through my library music site and really enjoyed it. In fact, most of my favorite Trey Ivey songs are from that album. I guess this post will be a mini album review too because I LOVE it! One of my favorite songs is Oh I Want To See Him. In fact, I'll probably try to learn it this year.

Another favorite thing about Trey Ivey is his touch. Being more gentle both in piano and life is something I have to consistently work on. My favorite pianists for their touch are Tim Parton and Trey Ivey. Does Jesus Care/Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus showcases both Trey's touch and his ability to make me want to listen to slow songs, which is quite a feat most of the time!

Trey Ivey's jazz arrangement of Victory in Jesus is probably the most genius thing I've heard in a while. After I heard it, I immediately thought, "Well, why didn't I think of that?" Cuz it's genius folks. It's rhythmic and gentle and just amazing!

Finally, besides his gentle touch and classical arrangements, Trey puts out a mean Goodbye, World, Goodbye, that SG pianist staple. This is from a while ago, but his arrangement on Timeless is just as good!

Trey Ivey's touch on the piano, technicality, and fun arrangements make him easily one of my favorite pianists! (That sounded like the end of a research paper.) I highly, highly, highly recommend Timeless, it's a fun album with a little bit of everything. I'm hoping to meet Trey Ivey in a few weeks here at the Southwest Southern Gospel Music Festival!

The Blogging About Blogs Tag!

Hamlette tagged me with this delightful tag for bloggers! It makes me so happy to do a tag that recognizes my favorite bloggers and friends! Thanks! Also, I've seen other people add categories, so I stole borrowed them...

Blog that makes me laugh - Naomi at Wonderland Creek makes me laugh and smile whenever I read her posts. She's so passionate about the things she writes about and has a way of using words that make me grin! Also, Susanna at Miss Adventure makes me laugh with her escapades in Wales.

Blog that makes me think - Inklings Press, and a gaither girl's perspective both make me think because they're both written by PKs/XPKs. I relate to their struggles a lot and they always give me stuff to think about with church and Christianity and stuff (STUFF). Also, Jillian at a room of one's own (I think she's private right now) makes me think about the books I read and what they mean.

Blog that teaches me things - Oooh I learn a lot from most of the blogs I read. But I've learned about so many new movies and books from coffee, classics, and craziness. Because of Eva, my to-watch list is pretty long!

Blog with beautiful headers - All of your blogs have lovely headers/designs, but right now I'm loving Lois's at You, Me, and a Cup of Tea right now cuz it has Leverage and Han Solo!!! (Also, her blog name rhymes so that's cool)

Blogger who takes great pictures - I don't really follow blogs with that many pictures, but Cait at Paper Fury always has cool book pictures and the best GIF usage!

Blogger whose recommendations I trust - I trust all of you actually. Especially if I follow you on Goodreads. I think I have the most in common with Ekaterina, who doesn't have a blog. YET!!! But seriously, if you tell me you think I'll like something I'll try it. So recommend away!

New blog I'm enjoying - Formidable Courage. Actually, I'm acutely enjoying Maribeth's tumblr mostly... But I love her blog posts too :D

Blog I've followed the longest - This is hard. Yet Another Period Drama Blog and A Singular and Whimsical Problem (formerly Story Girl) were the two blogs that inspired me to start blogging, so probably them.

Blog I've started following the most recently - Abbiee, as of this weekend because I've been stalking her blog for a few weeks and LOVE her words.

Blog that is always a refreshing happiness - Oooh again, most of the blogs I follow are full of happy stuff, but Evie at Letters from Avonlea is always so happy and bubbly!

Blog where I revel in the words - Fantasy Gypsy and the cwtch are amzaing!! Their words and poetry make me want to read them forever. They're so beautiful!

Thanks so much Hamlette for this awesome tag! There are so many blogs I couldn't get to, but I love all of you guys! You make me so happy everyday. Therefore, I tag everyone who wants to. Have fun!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Reasons to Listen

I listen to a lot of music. You probably already discerned that though. But I don't always listen to music for the same purpose. Most of the time, it's a combination of purposes. Here's my four main reasons for listening to music.

LISTENING FOR MOOD - Everyone does this! Music has to power to cheer, to energize, or to quiet. If I'm sad, I listen to music because 1) it usually distracts me from what's making me sad and 2) music and lyrics have the power to make you happy! This distraction is also part of the reason I listen to music while I run, to distract myself from the pain and suffocation I'm probably experiencing. Also, if I'm really tired, but need to get stuff done, I'll put on a bunch of my favorite loud, upbeat songs to get me going. Because music also has the power to quiet one's mind and heart, I listen to it during my devotions. But more on that later.

LISTENING FOR BACKGROUND - This is why I listen to music so that I can focus/study/not listen to me thoughts as I'm trying to fall asleep. I also listen to instrumental music when I'm reading because it keeps my mind from wandering. Music during devotions also helps me focus. And the Star Wars soundtrack is the perfect background music to make any mundane task feel EPIC!

LISTENING FOR WORSHIP - Besides concentration and background music, I listen to music during my devotions for worship. We had a Sunday School lesson a few months ago on listening to music "as unto the Lord" and that has really stuck with me. When you listen to songs with lyrics that glorify God, you can sort of praise God with them yourself. It's hard to put into words, but it's like you're singing to God even though you're only listening. It's a powerful thing!

LISTENING TO LEARN - And this is the big kahuna that is probably why I started listening to a bunch of music in the first place. My piano teacher a few years ago said that you should listen to who you want to play like. So I made a piano playlist and listened to it nonstop for a few months. Then I discovered that there are great background piano parts in a lot of music I listen to. Since playing for southern gospel groups is what I want to do with my life, I listen to a lot of Southern Gospel. And then I try to emulate it on the piano! (And I'm not the only one who does this. Trevor Conkle, the pianist for the HOPPERS, does it too!) Also, if I'm learning a piano piece by ear or even with sheet music, I often listen to it like 50x times in a row to get it in my head. It's a lot easier to read the notes when you know what they're supposed to sound like!

Well, that's the four main reasons I listen to music. Why do you listen to music?

How Do I Love Thee, Ensemble Casts? + Guest Posts anyone?

I love ensemble casts so stinkin much. And by ensemble casts, I mean casts of more than one main character. I really like three main characters. I don't know why exactly I love ensemble casts, I guess they just give me more to love, more to emulate, and more to relate to! They're just awesome, k? Here's some of my favorite ensemble casts:

Star Wars(Han/Luke/Leia AND Rey/Poe/Finn): Groups of three are probably my favorite type of ensemble casts, to be honest. I love H/L/L mostly because of Han and Leia and you have to like Luke I guess. Besides the whole "I will turn my father from the Dark Side" thing, his protection of his sister, and his planning in Episode VI, I really don't care for Luke that much. He has a wicked beard now though... Therefore, I love R/P/F sooo much more, even though Poe and Rey haven't even met!! *gasp* I've been reading too much Tumblr fanfic I guess. But they're so cute. As friends. My brain hasn't gone to romantic possibilities yet... But they're there...

They're so small XD
The Chronicles of Narnia (Peter/Susan/Edmund/Lucy): Ummm cuz all the Pevensies are awesome. Even Edmund after "all that" happened! All the other characters are great too, but I obviously like the Pevensies the best :D And you know what, I forgive Susan. I really do!

The Mysterious Benedict Society (Reynie/Kate/Constance/Sticky): This was all kinds of epic lemme tell you! I haven't read this series in AGES, but I'll always remember their different quirks. My favorite parts of the story were when they all solved the same problem in different ways! And they're all soooo smart!!!!

The Penderwicks (Skye/Rosalind/Jane/Batty): And Jeffery, but he's not in all of them. I love this family and their bond. Skye is my favorite DUH. Honestly, I struggle relating to ANY of the others, and I don't really relate to Skye, I just think it would be cool to be like her. But as a unit, the Penderwicks are AMAZING! So. Much. Fun.

This is a pretty good show
Little Men (Dan/Nat/Demi/Daisy/Nan/Tommy): Lousia May Alcott had so many ensemble casts lemme tell you! My favorite is from Little Men, as you probably figured out... I love how all the characters are so different yet so developed! My favorites are Nat, Tommy, and Nan. Nan and Tommy are so cute together! And then they're cute when they're not together.

Leverage (Eliot/Parker/Hardison/Sophie/Nate): Ummmm you can read all about that HERE. But yes, reason #511 I love Leverage is the ensemble cast. It's just awesome and they all have a goal and character development and a story and just YES!!!

Anything by E. Nesbit: E. Nesbit is the queen of ensemble casts for kids. Most of her books focus on

My dad just called me to watch the most exciting overtime of an American football game I've seen in a while. Moving on...

Most of her books focus on whole families, so it's nice to get to know the children. The only children I vividly remember are Peter/Bobbie/Phil from The Railway Children cuz I've read it like 3 times... I love how their different personalities interact.

Granite Flats (Timmy/Arthur/Madeleine): This is a show from BYUTV that my family just started binge watching on Netflix. It's awesome!! And I'll probably review it soon because we're almost done with it... There's a huge amount of characters which makes for cool storylines, but my favorite parts are Timmy/Arthur/Madeleine, three kids who run a detective agency and sort of do dangerous spy stuff and help the FBI without the FBI knowing... They have their ups and downs, but when they work together, they're hilarious and entertaining. Especially Madeleine because she's so smart and likes to use big words that occasionally confuse Timmy and Arthur :D

So there's a few of my favorite ensemble casts! What are some of yours?

Speaking of ensemble casts, the Little House books are a great example of lots of characters! I'm planning on doing a Laura Ingalls Wilder blog week starting on February 7, Laura Ingalls' birthday! I have openings for guest posts if you would be interested :) Just shoot me an email ( or a comment! More on that later :)

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

2016 Music Goals

I have big plans for 2016 with piano! I would love to play in concert or for a group, but because that's out of my control, I'm not going to list those as my goals. Here are some overarching plans I have for this year and how I plan to start accomplishing them this month.

First, the overall goals

1) Record each arrangement and make a chord chart. I have a bad habit of forgetting my arrangements, even the good ones. I need to grow my repertoire, and one way to do that is to remember my arrangements!

2) Grow my repertoire of non-sacred songs. Basically the only songs I can play are hymns and Christian songs. And I can read chord charts. I want to fix that this year. Why does that need fixing you ask? Well, if a non-Christian comes up and says "Play something!", I want to be able to play a song he would recognize or would be interested in! I plan to learn some Piano Guys, some Jennifer Thomas, some simple classical pieces, and some pop culture songs such as Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Wars, and the like.

3) Become a better sight reader. Consistently. Sometimes I sight read uber well, but other times, I struggle with the key of C! I want to remedy this by sight reading a little every day from classical, choir, sacred, and secular genres.

4) Learn more fills and accompanying techniques. Because I need to have these to be a SG pianist. I have the Danny Crawford fills book that has been soooo helpful. I can't wait to get into that more!

5) Train my ear faster. I can pick up chords by ear pretty fast, but I want to be able to do melody lines, which I stink at...

6) Become more technically proficient. I was not the most technically trained pianist. I can play stuff, but I wish I could do more! Also, my arms need to get stronger. So I'm gonna pull out the old trusty Hanon that belonged to my mom and pound away! (Actually, I won't pound because I'm working on my touch...)

Now my specific goals for January!

1) Three church arrangements. I actually have them mostly done and one basically written out in Finale! Sometimes arrangements just come. Other times you have to pull them out of yourself with a crowbar, and even then they're not very good... I have faced both of those scenarios so far this month.

2) Star Wars Theme and the Dumb Song. Because everyone loves Star Wars and its music! And I love the Dumb Song by Jon Schmidt (Piano Guys).

3) Sight read everyday.

4) Learn one whole accompaniment by ear. Get good  accompaniments, not just run-throughs by ear, but actual fills and understanding of how the songs work. This is practice for someday when this is my job :)

5) Hanon everyday. Yeah.. And I'll do scales and arpeggios and runs too!

Well, there's my goals! If you're a musician, what are some of your goals?

We Provide *head tilt* Leverage

Well folks, I finished it!!! All 5 seasons of Leverage! (There's only five... NOOOOO) Disclaimer: I didn't watch all the episodes because some of them were not-so-hot-so with content stuff. But the majority of the show is pretty clean!

And I should probably tell the premise. It's basically a con Robin Hood-esque show where they take money from the bad rich guys and give it back to the little guys who had it taken away. It's not exactly the most ethical plot, but neither is Robin Hood and everyone loves him! There's 5 main characters: Nate, the mastermind; Sophie, the grifter (actress who cons people); Parker, the socially awkward thief (and when I say awkward, think awkward x 100); Hardison, the wisecracking hacker (You know what I have? A 21 year old genius hacker with an authority problem!); and Eliot, the dude who beats up the bad guys (and gets shot and walks it off). Sometimes, the episode is hilarious all around, sometimes it's emotionally tense, and sometimes scary. (Looking at person in a coffin)

Anywho, let's just list the reasons why I like Leverage, most of which have to do with the characters:

1) The ensemble cast. I love ensemble casts. I will repeat it 'till my dying day. I just love when you have multiple characters you can love, and they're all main characters!!!! In fact, I'm even writing a whole post about my favorite ensemble cast books and movies! I love how everyone works as a team and has a different function. Hacker, Hitter, Grifter, Thief, Mastermind!

2) Parker's social awkwardness. I love Parker so much. She's hilarious and awkward and awesome and needs people! And funny. I love to see her grow throughout the series! She does crazy stuff and has an awesome mind. I, for one, would like to be able to know how to break into any safe and steal anything. (I would probably not ever use that knowledge, but it'd be nice to know!)

3) Eliot's big brotherness. I happen to like the Eliot/Parker/Hardison sibling relationship more than Pardison! (Ducks rocks) Eliot always takes care of Parker and Hardison, but he also gets annoyed by them. A lot. It's like they're his little siblings who are always poking him and arguing with him. I think my favorite Eliot moments are when he's not so Eliot and he is sorta gentle. Especially around kids!  But if he wasn't big tough Eliot, we'd never get to see those moments!

4) Hardison's geekiness. This guy is just plain cool. Hardison is ridiculously smart and funny. You think he's only smart about technology, but actually the dude knows like everything. His geekiness with computers is another talent I'd like to have. (I mostly just push buttons until something changes...) He is probably the funniest character in the series for me.

5) The quotes. Leverage is sooo quotable. But because only my parents have seen the show (and only the first season) I have to quote it to myself and laugh in my head mostly... "Age of the geek, baby!" "I put a razor blade in that apple" "Two cool guys/Behind the wheel/Chasing down bad guys in Lucille" "You have a very punchable face" "It's a very distinctive stance/gun/footprint/fighting style/anything" (dies laughing inside head)

'tis true
6) Sophie's acting. Sophie's not my favorite character, but I still admire her acting abilities. Like seriously, she's amazing! And I love all the scenes when she's directing in Season 5, especially with Zachary cuz he's kind of like this dog that's really nice and will do anything but needs a leetle guidance :D "I've seen Sophie Deveraux play a dozen characters. Drunk."Also, her non-grifting acting scenes are hilarious. "I've never rooted for the Nazis in a production of Sound of Music before!"

Hence, the title of this post...
7) Nate's masterminding. Okay, TBH I don't like Nate a lot. He drinks, he lies to his own team at times, and he can sometimes be cruel. But his talent is pulling people together and getting them to do amazing things is pretty epic! I didn't really like his flashbacks or the stuff with his dad, but I appreciated that he had a backstory! I still enjoyed him at times. And the show needs him so I was cool with that. And he makes a good priest. "The Rapture"

8) The special episodes. Sometimes you get episodes that are complete flashbacks. Those are fun cuz you get to see your favorite characters play other stuff. Also, Pardison in that WWII flashback was adorable!!! Other times you get cool episodes where everyone tells their own perspective of a story! Or ones focusing on just the girls, or the guys, or Parker which was fun! Or my favorite, just Parker/Eliot/Hardison. (Who needs Nate and Sophie? JK WE NEED THEM) And the finale was UHMAZING!

9) Pardison is adorable. K? Pretzels!

10) The premise. The point of the show is a con show I guess, but it's combined with hacking and thieving and awesome quotes and lasers and highly improbably escapes and extremely detailed plans.

I just really liked this episode!
11) The flashbacks. I love how when they're explaining the con, you see flashbacks of what they did. And the "regular" flashbacks about the characters' pasts are by turns emotional, sad, and funny! I specifically loved seeing Parker's past. (And then when she sees her dad with his daughter hahahahahahaha)

Find his deepest desire and give it to him!

And that's why I love Leverage so much. Sure, the Robin Hood steal from the rich premise isn't exactly ethical or moral or anything but it sure makes for a fun show! I think I'm hooked on con/heist shows now!

P.S. I don't have a favorite headquarters. I love them all! "Old Nate lives here now!"

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Roller Skating Dances

This has literally been in my drafts for forever, so let's just bring it to the light, shall we? It's three dances on roller skates by Gene Kelly, Donald O'Connor, and Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers. AKA awesomeness!

This is from It's Always Fair Weather, a movie I have yet to see. He's sooo graceful though! And when he starts actually tapping, it's sooo cool!

This is from I Love Melvin, a movie I have also yet to see, but I want to see soooo badly! Anyway, the song is catchy, the dance is sweet, and Donald O'Connor is his usual jubilant self, but not at first. Also, this song is soooo catchy!

This is another incredibly catchy song that you will find yourself singing whenever somebody says,
"Potato, potato (Potateo, potaughto)."It's a lovely dance between two lovely partners, and I also want to see this movie!

In conclusion, if you can dance on roller skates, you are extremely talented you lucky dog!

Ya know, these video posts are supposed to be on Fridays, but I'm gonna try to post on Tuesday nights, and then have extras through the week. So now you have a schedule :D

Pianist Spotlight: Roger Bennett

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Because I'm a pianist, I pay particular attention to Southern Gospel pianists whenever I get to see them, which isn't often, I'm afraid. (Puhlease bring more concerts to Phoenix!) I want to do a series focusing on my favorites pianists. I would do a list, but I have a lot of favorites, and I have multiple awesome songs for each of them. So today, I'll focus on my favorite songs of Roger Bennett of the Cathedrals, probably my favorite "old" pianist.

I discovered Roger Bennett a few years ago when my parents bought my a book of arrangements by him. It's a very fun book to play through, by the way! A few months later, I decided to look him up on YouTube, where I found this video (the piece starts at 1:20):

I loved this arrangement so much, that I learned it by ear at the beginning of last year. It's one of my staple pieces that I can pull out whenever I need to play an offertory at church on short notice. It's fast, fun, and full of great songs! (Obviously, I don't play exactly like him or even close!)

Another of my favorite Roger Bennett songs is I'm In the Gloryland Way, which I found in his arrangement book.

The thing I like about Roger Bennett's style is that it is fun and Southern Gospel-y, but it's not really flashy like Anthony Burger, although he is another of my favorites.

Here's Roger Bennett playing Goodbye, World, Goodbye, that SG pianist staple. (Music starts at 1:25)

Have you ever noticed that basically all SG pianists play this song the exact same way?! But that's a whole other post.

I think the reason Roger Bennett is one of my favorites is because I heard he was relatively self-taught. Because that's me right now, that's a really inspiring example. In this video, he talks about his journey to becoming a Southern Gospel pianist and gives a lesson on rhythm.

"When it seems like it's dark and lonely, and nobody really knows what you can do, God knows" That quote is one of the most encouraging things I've ever heard. I put it on a sticky note on my wall to remind me that God never forgets.

It's sad that Roger Bennett died so young, but that's all part of God's plan. Roger Bennett is one of my favorites not only because of his music style but also because of his testimony and encouragement. He's actually one of the main reasons I love the Cathedrals! But that's another post :)

Friday, January 1, 2016

2016 Reading Goals

Yay! We're here! 2016 will be definitely hard, but very rewarding too. It will be a new start for both me, as I venture into college and LIFE, and my family, as we move. Also, I'll vote in my first election, get my first job, play at my first concert, graduate high school, and do so many other fun and terrifying things!

However, I'm here today to talk about my reading. If you read my challenges wrap-up, you realize that I'm not doing any reading challenges this year. BUT I loved how much easier it is to read when all your books are scheduled! So I made some categories and decided to read at least two (maybe) from each category each month! As of now, I've only planned January because life is gonna be crazy, and I don't want to have to do too much reworking. Here's the categories and some general book ideas I threw in for each one.

Since 1) I'm a senior and 2) I'm moving in May, this will probably be my last chance to read through my favorite books in my school library! So I'm going to pick the ones I loved, and then skim the shelves to see what gems I have yet to read! I also want to read through some books that I loved last year. Here's my list as of right now. I know it will grow, especially after I check the bookshelves at school!
When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit
Snow Treasure
In My Father's House
Violins of Autumn
Rilla of Ingleside
In Freedom's Cause (To get me back in the Henty feeling)
A Ballantyne book I haven't decided on yet :)
The Borrowers Afloat
Kidsboro (From Adventures in Odyssey)
The Princess Bride
An Old-Fashioned Girl (For the Classics Club)
The Secret Adversary
The Mysterious Benedict Society

I also want to read a few classics that I didn't get to last year and that are on my Classics Club list! This list will probably not be totally completed because a lot of classics are HUGE!
Ben-Hur (Third time's the charm!)
The Story Girl
Emily of New Moon
North and South
The Pickwick Papers
So Big!
Watership Down
Jurassic Park (Is this a classic? Idc)
Till We Have Faces
The Man in the Iron Mask
Sense and Sensibility
Mill on the Floss (I don't see this one getting done actually)
The Mysterious Island

For the past four years, I have read a series every summer. Since I will be busy this summer and the books are long, I decided to read The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings trilogy, which I own and have beautiful covers!
The Hobbit
The Fellowship of the Ring
The Two Towers
The Return of the King


I'm beginning to branch out in my reading taste, and there are so many contemporary and Christian fiction books that look pretty good! And then there's those books that don't really fit in any category, but have been written pretty recently...
Since You've Been Gone
Cinder (I don't know if this is for me, but I've heard wonderful things about it!)
Stargirl (For you Elizabeth D.)
A Proper Pursuit (Cuz I got it for Christmas!)
The Sweetest Thing
The Covered Deep (For you Natalie cuz I got it in the giveaway)
The Penderwicks in Spring
Hattie Ever After
Where Eagles Dare
Nick of Time

And what reading list would be complete without nonfiction, even though said nonfiction list is lacking quite a lot....
Fierce Convictions (About Hannah More, a author, humanitarian, and Christian from 18th Century Britain)
God's Smuggler
The Monuments Men
Tramp for the Lord
Unbroken (Reread cuz I have my own copy :)
Pioneer Girl
America's First Daughter (About Patsy Jefferson)
Devil at My Heels (Louis Zamperini memoir)
How to Think Like Sherlock (cuz duh!)
A Chance to Die (I love Amy Carmichael, but there's not many books about her!)

Well, that's my list! I also have a few others planned, and it will definitely grow. But that's a start! Do you plan your reading? Do you have any recommendations?