Tuesday, January 12, 2016

2016 Music Goals

I have big plans for 2016 with piano! I would love to play in concert or for a group, but because that's out of my control, I'm not going to list those as my goals. Here are some overarching plans I have for this year and how I plan to start accomplishing them this month.

First, the overall goals

1) Record each arrangement and make a chord chart. I have a bad habit of forgetting my arrangements, even the good ones. I need to grow my repertoire, and one way to do that is to remember my arrangements!

2) Grow my repertoire of non-sacred songs. Basically the only songs I can play are hymns and Christian songs. And I can read chord charts. I want to fix that this year. Why does that need fixing you ask? Well, if a non-Christian comes up and says "Play something!", I want to be able to play a song he would recognize or would be interested in! I plan to learn some Piano Guys, some Jennifer Thomas, some simple classical pieces, and some pop culture songs such as Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Wars, and the like.

3) Become a better sight reader. Consistently. Sometimes I sight read uber well, but other times, I struggle with the key of C! I want to remedy this by sight reading a little every day from classical, choir, sacred, and secular genres.

4) Learn more fills and accompanying techniques. Because I need to have these to be a SG pianist. I have the Danny Crawford fills book that has been soooo helpful. I can't wait to get into that more!

5) Train my ear faster. I can pick up chords by ear pretty fast, but I want to be able to do melody lines, which I stink at...

6) Become more technically proficient. I was not the most technically trained pianist. I can play stuff, but I wish I could do more! Also, my arms need to get stronger. So I'm gonna pull out the old trusty Hanon that belonged to my mom and pound away! (Actually, I won't pound because I'm working on my touch...)

Now my specific goals for January!

1) Three church arrangements. I actually have them mostly done and one basically written out in Finale! Sometimes arrangements just come. Other times you have to pull them out of yourself with a crowbar, and even then they're not very good... I have faced both of those scenarios so far this month.

2) Star Wars Theme and the Dumb Song. Because everyone loves Star Wars and its music! And I love the Dumb Song by Jon Schmidt (Piano Guys).

3) Sight read everyday.

4) Learn one whole accompaniment by ear. Get good  accompaniments, not just run-throughs by ear, but actual fills and understanding of how the songs work. This is practice for someday when this is my job :)

5) Hanon everyday. Yeah.. And I'll do scales and arpeggios and runs too!

Well, there's my goals! If you're a musician, what are some of your goals?

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