Tuesday, January 19, 2016

How Do I Love Thee, Ensemble Casts? + Guest Posts anyone?

I love ensemble casts so stinkin much. And by ensemble casts, I mean casts of more than one main character. I really like three main characters. I don't know why exactly I love ensemble casts, I guess they just give me more to love, more to emulate, and more to relate to! They're just awesome, k? Here's some of my favorite ensemble casts:

Star Wars(Han/Luke/Leia AND Rey/Poe/Finn): Groups of three are probably my favorite type of ensemble casts, to be honest. I love H/L/L mostly because of Han and Leia and you have to like Luke I guess. Besides the whole "I will turn my father from the Dark Side" thing, his protection of his sister, and his planning in Episode VI, I really don't care for Luke that much. He has a wicked beard now though... Therefore, I love R/P/F sooo much more, even though Poe and Rey haven't even met!! *gasp* I've been reading too much Tumblr fanfic I guess. But they're so cute. As friends. My brain hasn't gone to romantic possibilities yet... But they're there...

They're so small XD
The Chronicles of Narnia (Peter/Susan/Edmund/Lucy): Ummm cuz all the Pevensies are awesome. Even Edmund after "all that" happened! All the other characters are great too, but I obviously like the Pevensies the best :D And you know what, I forgive Susan. I really do!

The Mysterious Benedict Society (Reynie/Kate/Constance/Sticky): This was all kinds of epic lemme tell you! I haven't read this series in AGES, but I'll always remember their different quirks. My favorite parts of the story were when they all solved the same problem in different ways! And they're all soooo smart!!!!

The Penderwicks (Skye/Rosalind/Jane/Batty): And Jeffery, but he's not in all of them. I love this family and their bond. Skye is my favorite DUH. Honestly, I struggle relating to ANY of the others, and I don't really relate to Skye, I just think it would be cool to be like her. But as a unit, the Penderwicks are AMAZING! So. Much. Fun.

This is a pretty good show
Little Men (Dan/Nat/Demi/Daisy/Nan/Tommy): Lousia May Alcott had so many ensemble casts lemme tell you! My favorite is from Little Men, as you probably figured out... I love how all the characters are so different yet so developed! My favorites are Nat, Tommy, and Nan. Nan and Tommy are so cute together! And then they're cute when they're not together.

Leverage (Eliot/Parker/Hardison/Sophie/Nate): Ummmm you can read all about that HERE. But yes, reason #511 I love Leverage is the ensemble cast. It's just awesome and they all have a goal and character development and a story and just YES!!!

Anything by E. Nesbit: E. Nesbit is the queen of ensemble casts for kids. Most of her books focus on

My dad just called me to watch the most exciting overtime of an American football game I've seen in a while. Moving on...

Most of her books focus on whole families, so it's nice to get to know the children. The only children I vividly remember are Peter/Bobbie/Phil from The Railway Children cuz I've read it like 3 times... I love how their different personalities interact.

Granite Flats (Timmy/Arthur/Madeleine): This is a show from BYUTV that my family just started binge watching on Netflix. It's awesome!! And I'll probably review it soon because we're almost done with it... There's a huge amount of characters which makes for cool storylines, but my favorite parts are Timmy/Arthur/Madeleine, three kids who run a detective agency and sort of do dangerous spy stuff and help the FBI without the FBI knowing... They have their ups and downs, but when they work together, they're hilarious and entertaining. Especially Madeleine because she's so smart and likes to use big words that occasionally confuse Timmy and Arthur :D

So there's a few of my favorite ensemble casts! What are some of yours?

Speaking of ensemble casts, the Little House books are a great example of lots of characters! I'm planning on doing a Laura Ingalls Wilder blog week starting on February 7, Laura Ingalls' birthday! I have openings for guest posts if you would be interested :) Just shoot me an email (ashley.perham@icloud.com) or a comment! More on that later :)


  1. totally checking out Granite Flats! <3

  2. Was the overtime that your dad called you over to see the over time of the game between Arizona and Greenbay? I'm curious because I was watching that game with my mom, and it was pretty amazing.

  3. I'm on board for the Little House week! Just reminding you :-)

    BTW, I tagged you here with the Blogging-About-Blogs tag. Play if you want to :-)

  4. Ensemble casts are great things. Normally I just pick out one or two of the ensemble to really like, but with The Force Awakens I wound up loving Rey, Finn, and Poe (and also Kylo) pretty much equally which never happens! They're just that great. :D It drives me crazy that Rey and Poe never met in the movie, I so hope they'll get to have a fun meeting in Ep 8!

    Leverage is awesome.

    Fun post and great blog, Ashley! :)

    1. They are! I LOVE it when I can love the whole ensemble and not just parts of it. It's so weird reading fanfic where Rey and Poe are together and remembering oh wait, they're not. Thanks!


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