Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Pianist Spotlight: Trey Ivey

Up next in my Southern Gospel pianists spotlight, Trey Ivey of Legacy Five. I believe I found Trey Ivey while browsing YouTube. I played a clip and found out he played classical arrangements of hymns and such. I was impressed, but didn't really go back for more because I'm not a big classical music person. However, I do really, really like this song. It shows he has the classical stuff but can also make a simple arrangement sound delightful!

A few months later, I found that Trey put out an album with Stow Town Records, who puts out some of my favorite artists' stuff! I got the album through my library music site and really enjoyed it. In fact, most of my favorite Trey Ivey songs are from that album. I guess this post will be a mini album review too because I LOVE it! One of my favorite songs is Oh I Want To See Him. In fact, I'll probably try to learn it this year.

Another favorite thing about Trey Ivey is his touch. Being more gentle both in piano and life is something I have to consistently work on. My favorite pianists for their touch are Tim Parton and Trey Ivey. Does Jesus Care/Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus showcases both Trey's touch and his ability to make me want to listen to slow songs, which is quite a feat most of the time!

Trey Ivey's jazz arrangement of Victory in Jesus is probably the most genius thing I've heard in a while. After I heard it, I immediately thought, "Well, why didn't I think of that?" Cuz it's genius folks. It's rhythmic and gentle and just amazing!

Finally, besides his gentle touch and classical arrangements, Trey puts out a mean Goodbye, World, Goodbye, that SG pianist staple. This is from a while ago, but his arrangement on Timeless is just as good!

Trey Ivey's touch on the piano, technicality, and fun arrangements make him easily one of my favorite pianists! (That sounded like the end of a research paper.) I highly, highly, highly recommend Timeless, it's a fun album with a little bit of everything. I'm hoping to meet Trey Ivey in a few weeks here at the Southwest Southern Gospel Music Festival!

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