Tuesday, January 12, 2016

We Provide *head tilt* Leverage

Well folks, I finished it!!! All 5 seasons of Leverage! (There's only five... NOOOOO) Disclaimer: I didn't watch all the episodes because some of them were not-so-hot-so with content stuff. But the majority of the show is pretty clean!

And I should probably tell the premise. It's basically a con Robin Hood-esque show where they take money from the bad rich guys and give it back to the little guys who had it taken away. It's not exactly the most ethical plot, but neither is Robin Hood and everyone loves him! There's 5 main characters: Nate, the mastermind; Sophie, the grifter (actress who cons people); Parker, the socially awkward thief (and when I say awkward, think awkward x 100); Hardison, the wisecracking hacker (You know what I have? A 21 year old genius hacker with an authority problem!); and Eliot, the dude who beats up the bad guys (and gets shot and walks it off). Sometimes, the episode is hilarious all around, sometimes it's emotionally tense, and sometimes scary. (Looking at person in a coffin)

Anywho, let's just list the reasons why I like Leverage, most of which have to do with the characters:

1) The ensemble cast. I love ensemble casts. I will repeat it 'till my dying day. I just love when you have multiple characters you can love, and they're all main characters!!!! In fact, I'm even writing a whole post about my favorite ensemble cast books and movies! I love how everyone works as a team and has a different function. Hacker, Hitter, Grifter, Thief, Mastermind!

2) Parker's social awkwardness. I love Parker so much. She's hilarious and awkward and awesome and needs people! And funny. I love to see her grow throughout the series! She does crazy stuff and has an awesome mind. I, for one, would like to be able to know how to break into any safe and steal anything. (I would probably not ever use that knowledge, but it'd be nice to know!)

3) Eliot's big brotherness. I happen to like the Eliot/Parker/Hardison sibling relationship more than Pardison! (Ducks rocks) Eliot always takes care of Parker and Hardison, but he also gets annoyed by them. A lot. It's like they're his little siblings who are always poking him and arguing with him. I think my favorite Eliot moments are when he's not so Eliot and he is sorta gentle. Especially around kids!  But if he wasn't big tough Eliot, we'd never get to see those moments!

4) Hardison's geekiness. This guy is just plain cool. Hardison is ridiculously smart and funny. You think he's only smart about technology, but actually the dude knows like everything. His geekiness with computers is another talent I'd like to have. (I mostly just push buttons until something changes...) He is probably the funniest character in the series for me.

5) The quotes. Leverage is sooo quotable. But because only my parents have seen the show (and only the first season) I have to quote it to myself and laugh in my head mostly... "Age of the geek, baby!" "I put a razor blade in that apple" "Two cool guys/Behind the wheel/Chasing down bad guys in Lucille" "You have a very punchable face" "It's a very distinctive stance/gun/footprint/fighting style/anything" (dies laughing inside head)

'tis true
6) Sophie's acting. Sophie's not my favorite character, but I still admire her acting abilities. Like seriously, she's amazing! And I love all the scenes when she's directing in Season 5, especially with Zachary cuz he's kind of like this dog that's really nice and will do anything but needs a leetle guidance :D "I've seen Sophie Deveraux play a dozen characters. Drunk."Also, her non-grifting acting scenes are hilarious. "I've never rooted for the Nazis in a production of Sound of Music before!"

Hence, the title of this post...
7) Nate's masterminding. Okay, TBH I don't like Nate a lot. He drinks, he lies to his own team at times, and he can sometimes be cruel. But his talent is pulling people together and getting them to do amazing things is pretty epic! I didn't really like his flashbacks or the stuff with his dad, but I appreciated that he had a backstory! I still enjoyed him at times. And the show needs him so I was cool with that. And he makes a good priest. "The Rapture"

8) The special episodes. Sometimes you get episodes that are complete flashbacks. Those are fun cuz you get to see your favorite characters play other stuff. Also, Pardison in that WWII flashback was adorable!!! Other times you get cool episodes where everyone tells their own perspective of a story! Or ones focusing on just the girls, or the guys, or Parker which was fun! Or my favorite, just Parker/Eliot/Hardison. (Who needs Nate and Sophie? JK WE NEED THEM) And the finale was UHMAZING!

9) Pardison is adorable. K? Pretzels!

10) The premise. The point of the show is a con show I guess, but it's combined with hacking and thieving and awesome quotes and lasers and highly improbably escapes and extremely detailed plans.

I just really liked this episode!
11) The flashbacks. I love how when they're explaining the con, you see flashbacks of what they did. And the "regular" flashbacks about the characters' pasts are by turns emotional, sad, and funny! I specifically loved seeing Parker's past. (And then when she sees her dad with his daughter hahahahahahaha)

Find his deepest desire and give it to him!

And that's why I love Leverage so much. Sure, the Robin Hood steal from the rich premise isn't exactly ethical or moral or anything but it sure makes for a fun show! I think I'm hooked on con/heist shows now!

P.S. I don't have a favorite headquarters. I love them all! "Old Nate lives here now!"


  1. Oh my goodness I love this show so much! I watched it last year and then I rewatch episodes all of the time. My favorite is the Rashomon Job. :) My favorite character is definitely Parker! I just love reading this post because it reminds me about everything I love in Leverage. :)

    1. I'm gonna start the rewatching soon! The Rashomon Job was amazing. I love how they kept mixing up Sophie's accents. Parker is da best. Thanks!

  2. Great review! This show is so much fun, and I agree, it has most to do with the awesome characters! I definitely love Eliot, Parker, and Hardison the most. I like what you said about the sibling vibe they have. I love that a lot.

    Now I watch the guy who plays Eliot in The Librarians, which is a fun show (not as good as Leverage), but sometimes I get disappointed that his character isn't as good at fighting as Eliot and doesn't get to beat someone up every episode. :P

    1. Thanks! The characters make this show. And the sibs!!!! ahhhhh I need to look into The Librarians. Although it would be weird to not see Christian Kane beating up people!

  3. I've never seen this show or heard of it except here on your blog. I've got to watch it now, though, 'cause I love heist shows! And because I've got a book idea in the pipeline that involves several characters with distinct roles stealing something, actually several somethings and in a completely unexpected setting. :D But this show will totally be "author research," and that makes me excited! :)))

    1. YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS!!!! And I would totally read your book!!! Research for the win!


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