Thursday, February 11, 2016

Favorite OTPs from Little House

I LOVED Naomi's guest post the other day about Charles and Caroline. It was so cute and "squee-worthy" and YES! Here's my other Little House OTPs!

Martha Morse and Lew Tucker - A little background: Martha is the daughter of Laird Glencaraid which is a cool name. So she's sort of upperish class. Lew is the son of the village blacksmith. That's reason #1 their relationship is so cute! Also, Martha and Lew race and Martha almost beats him and it's so cute. (Ahh the position of fastest girl and second-fastest overall #SmallSchoolPerks) And then Martha is sick and stuck in her room and Lew comes over for something from Cook. Martha drops him a note through a hole in the floor and then he brings her stuff to make fairy dolls and it's soooo adorable. Also, Auld Mary tells a story about a Laird's daughter who married a blacksmith's son and I NEVER SAW THE CONNECTION!!!
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Here's how I think this went down.
Ma: Charles......
Pa: Caroline, stop cramping my swag
Pa: whatev fe fe 
Pa: k
Pa: .....

Charles and Caroline - Naomi wrote pretty much everything about that HERE, but let me just say I agree with her sooo much! Especially when she first hears Charles playing his fiddle. And then the SPELLING BEE (I've been in that precarious position of co-best speller in the school. It's all fun and games until you compete from different schools. #Awkies) And then when they get their Little House!!! AHHHHHH Just the title, A Little House of Their Own is adorable!

Laura and Almanzo - Oh Manly and Bess! If you just awkwardly ignore the age gap, it's sooo cute. (I have age gap issues. Little Dorrit anyone?) Those sleigh rides by selfless, selfless Almanzo! Even when he learned she didn't like him and he kept coming. Oh man, that's character right there! And then the first buggy ride in spring through town! And those wonderful buggy rides out on the prairie! Especially when he's training the horses and Laura knows how to handle them! And the singing school. And finally, the tree claim and the house and the farm and ALL the hardships they go through! It's sooo not fair, but they love each other through it and stick together and keep going and for Pete's sake they have so much fortitude!

Rose and Paul - Sooo we all know how Rose and Paul worked out, but hey it was fun while it lasted! (That sounded really bad and callous, but from the reader's point of view it's true!) I love watching Rose and Paul growing up together and traveling across the country together and just being friends. Then they have that slightly awkward yet still cute Christmas scene! And their letters to each other. Rose is SUCH a good friend. Well, when she actually HAS good friends... Their dream about living at the train station and running the telegraph togther is so cute and I love it so much. It's seriously the best dream EVER! (Until Paul had to go get that attitude and mustache...) And then, the last hurrah, the boat trip. It's so cute and they keep each other company and love each other and why couldn't it last ahhhhhhhh (I mostly blame Paul actually....)

There's my favorite OTP moments. And yes, I didn't include Charlotte and Mr. Holbrook cuz they didn't really have anything cute like that, but they were nice I guess. Who is your OTP? Can you think of any other moments I've forgotten?


  1. My favorite OTP is definitely Almanzo and Laura. And then I guess it would have to be Charles and Caroline! They were so perfect together! I agree about the whole Paul and Rose relationship, as well.

    1. Almanzo and Laura are pretty cute :) Paul and Rose nooooooo :,(

  2. I love Charles and Caroline! And another OTP is Ida and Elmer :)

    What, you think Almanzo was too old for Laura?! He was only ten years older than her - when they married, she was eighteen and he was twenty-eight. Personally, I don't think that's weird :P Why, that's a much smaller age gap than the one between Colonel Brandon and Marianne! He was thirty-five and she was "not yet seventeen."
    Just sayin' . . .

    Anyway, awesome post!! I loved reading about your favorite OTP's :)

    1. I forgot about Ida and Elmer! I love Ida's friendship with Laura!
      hahahahahaha :D

  3. Almanzo and Laura's age gap is one I use as an excuse for everything.... books, movies real life whenever there is an age gap I whip that out. Yeah it's kind of big but I don't mind it. :)

    1. Hahah that must be fun :) It's not as bad as Little Dorrit, I'll give it that!

  4. Manly and Laura's age gap is like, JUST NOT TOO BIG. Like Rosie said, ten years is kind of okay-I-can-do-that. (My grandparents differ ten years and they had four boys and they have like 17 grandkids, so I can't say they made the wrong decision. :-P)

    BUT YES. ANYWAY. These couples are ALL SO ADORABLE. (Rose + Paul's awkward Christmas scene... YUSSS.)

    I second Rosie - IDA AND ELMER. They are CUUUUUTES. (I love when Laura and Ida show each other their rings during their lessons.)

    I also love Lois and Paul in... JUST KIDDING. :-P

    (Oh, and Mr and Mrs Boast.)

    ~ Naomi

    1. Yeah, the gap's somewhat jarring, but they are cute together, so I'll tolerate it :D That' so cool about your grandparents!
      Ooooh I forgot about the rings scene! argh!! I can't believe I forgot them! They were so much fun and the whole sibling thing with Caroline and Charles was cute!
      Lois and Paul -___- She was sooooooo rude!!!!
      Oh and the Boasts were just nice fun people all around!
      Thanks so much Naomi :D


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