Tuesday, February 2, 2016

February Music Goals

Here's how I did with my piano goals for January:

1) Three church arrangements: Check. I didn't get the chance to play them all for church, but I recorded them. Here's All the Way My Savior Leads Me. Free sheet music HERE if you're interested.

2) Star Wars Theme and The Dumb Song: Check again. They're at the learned stage, but I just have to play them a lot and work on little sections to get them all the way done.

3) Sight read everyday: Well, every school day. I got through a whole choir book and sacred arrangement book. I also unnecessarily stressed myself out by attempting to sight read things that were not meant to be sight read...

4) Learn one whole accompaniment by ear: Heh, heh. I think I did this, but not on purpose. That'll be more of a focus this month.

5) Hanon everyday. Yuppers.

Here's my goals for February.

1) Three more arrangments: Right now, I'm looking at Be Thou My Vision, Oh Happy Day (including the not-so-churchy one). I'll probably polish off an arrangement of I'll Fly Away real fast because that one's pretty much done. I'm also trying to arrange the Macgyver theme because I've never arranged a secular song. Well, at least recently. There was a pretty epic Star Wars Medley when I was twelve, but that was also a joint effort.

2) Illumination by Jennifer Thomas and He's A Pirate: Illumination doesn't look too hard, but there are very few covers of it, and I'm concerned about the sound without the orchestra. Also, it's challenging my technique on keeping my fingers even. He's A Pirate is just plain for fun.

3) Sight read everyday again.

4) Learn whole accompaniments: I have a bad habit of just playing through songs. I want to dedicate myself to learn a WHOLE accompaniment. And I'll be trying to learn some songs for groups I know don't have a piano player currently just in case ;)

5) Hanon: Specifically chromatic scales because I'm tired of not being able to do those.

6) Composing: I don't see myself composing very often, but it would be good to be able to. I have been told composing is the pinnacle of music learning, but I'm not sure I agree with that.It's really hard because my sponge brain keeps trying to sneak in existing melodies.

Well that's that! Looking forward, the Southwest Southern Gospel Music Festival comes to Phoenix late this month. I plan, Lord willing, to go to at least one night.

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