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Happy Birthday Laura Ingalls Wilder! // My Little House Story

Happy 149th Birthday Laura Ingalls Wilder!! (This reminds me of a certain show's 49th episode...) This milestone birthday is actually why I did the blog party this week thanks to a suggestion by Naomi!

Laura Ingalls Wilder’s 148th Birthday
Last year's Google doodle
How LIW's life really went down was a mystery to me until recently. You see, I had to do a nonfiction book report in eighth grade, and I decided to do it on Little House on the Prairie. Alack and alas, my teachers laughingly pointed out to me the fiction label on the back of the book. I felt cheated. But I moved on, don't worry. LIW's life still remained a mystery until I flipped through Prairie Girl, the annotated autobiography of LIW, basically Little House before Little House. The Little House travels actually occurred but on a much different timeline than the Little House books show. I'm not going to get into that today, but HERE is a really cool timeline if you want to know more.

Today, I'm going to talk about MY Little House story. I know there's a tag question for that, but I want to go into more detail!

I first remember Little House in first grade. My first grade teacher had a beautiful book containing the first three Little House books (with illustrations by Helen Sewell not Garth Williams). I vividly remember being in after-school care one day, propping that thick, heavy book open on my desk and reading it. The rest is, as "they" say, history. I actually received that same book for Christmas that year. Currently, it's residing in my school library because I already have other copies of the first three Little House books. (But I'm considering getting it back because of the Helen Sewell illustrations...)

Then, in third grade, I got a Charlotte doll-making kit. It's hideous, I know... Also, I may have received the Little House picture books because I vividly remember them, but I can't find them. Therefore, I may have just seen them at the book store or something. They were beautiful though!

Then, in second grade, my grandparents bought me the first four books of the Caroline series. I read the first two books multiple times. Caroline was my favorite fictional character except for the Sound of Music kid I corresponded in age to. (I literally signed letters as Marta for a long time.) I didn't really get into the third and fourth books of the Caroline series until last year actually!

When I was ten or eleven, I received a box set of ALL the Laura Little House books. They were used, but it looked like only Little House in the Big Woods had been opened! Also, my mom got me the two first Martha books. I enjoyed the second one, On the Far Side of the Loch, much more than the first one. For the first one was the one of the new abridged editions which look beautiful but leave out so much!! *insert crying emoji*

Anywho, I read/skimmed all of these books with varying degrees of regularity. I also dabbled in the Charlotte series and came away disappointed. Last year, however, I decided to take the plunge and READ ALL THE BOOKS.

I can't say X all the things without thinking of this meme

So I did. And I was blessed by my parents and a lady in our church to get two of the three Caroline books I don't have! I just need the last one, and the series will be complete!!!! (It's like $120 though...)

I guess Little House is one of those things I've always loved, but my love for it only really comes out during certain stages of my life. (Gymnastics, Adventures in Odyssey, and Sound of Music are more things like that in case you were curious!)

So that's my Little House story. And it's still continuing. I plan to continue to reread my favorite books, to discover new nonfiction books about Laura, and keep writing blog posts! What's your Little House Story?


  1. Ahhh, I loved this post.

    The Little House books were labelled FICTION in your library? That's ridiculous.

    1. Thanks!
      Yeah, they were. It was printed right on the back. Which is weird cuz I don't see that on my personal copies...

  2. I think they're considered fictionalized biographies. Because they don't adhere to the true timeline of Laura's life and because she likely dramatized some events, combined others -- they're based on her life, but not a strict historical telling of it.

    1. That's what I figured. But it still made me sad :(

  3. Happy (belated) birthday to Laura, whom I thank for some of the favorite childhood books. I really want to read the Caroline books, and the Charlotte and Martha books. But they are so hard to find, and so expensive!

    1. They are soooo expensive! *cries* My library had most of them, thankfullly. (Interlibrary loans are the best thing ever!)

  4. I only knew about the Laura and the Rose books - now I need to read all the others as well!
    The Little House series is synonomous with my childhood as well, my dad used to read them aloud to me.

    1. Yes! You should totally check them out! That's so sweet!


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