Thursday, February 18, 2016

Here's Looking at You, Kid!

This post is for Rose's 1940s week. One of the posts Rose suggested in lieu of a tag was a movie review! So here I am reviewing Casablanca, released in 1942 (thanks Eva for my giveaway copy!) After two watches, Casablanca ranks among my favorite movies! (What kind of excuse is that. The Force Awakens was a favorite after one viewing!)

Casablanca is a somewhat slow, yet still exciting, movie. It tells the story of refugees during WWII trying to get to America from Casablanca, in Free French Africa. Two of these refugees are Victor Laslo and his wife Ilsa. Victor is a Resistance leader and the German cronies who just popped into town will do anything to capture him. Tied up in all this is cynical Rick, a saloon owner who used to know Ilsa. Add a wishy-washy chief of police and some restaurant staff and you've got yourself a story!

Casablanca is a very dialogue-heavy movie. However, it's worth it to pay attention because the dialogue is so so snappy. Personally, I think some lines are delivered too fast just because they're all so good I want to stay in them forever! "Here's looking at you kid!" "I never drink with customers." "I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship." "We'll always have Paris." "I never make plans that far ahead."

"You despise me don't you, Rick? If I gave you any thought I probably would" (#BURN) Rick's cynicism lends itself to some nice sarcastic zingy lines :D

Ingrid Bergman is amazing and beautiful k? Like she is sooooo magnificent! Ilsa's story is so sad, and I feel so bad for her. She's already having a bad time and then she sees Rick and just no :( The scenes with her and Rick before everything are just so cute!

Dat trench coat and fedora doe...
Humphrey Bogart is great too. He's not necessarily handsome, but he looks different from anyone else! Kind of like Bing Crosby with a square face and a frown? I love Rick. He is very, very cynical, but I both embrace his sarcasm and overlook it for the things he does at other times....

Oh relationships! (I just realized I watched this on Valentine's Day/Happy Birthday Arizona Day!) The relationships are so convoluted in this movie. It's not necessarily anyone's fault, but it's very twisty. (I guess its the Nazi's fault?) Somebody has to make a hard, chivalrous decision at the end of the movie, but I know it will work out! Especially, as someone else pointed out, when you see the way a certain person looks at another person as he leads Las Marseilles La Marseillaise (I tried...) (Also, from a musical standpoint, La Marseillaise is a lovely song!)

Rick's face XD
Renault was a weak, wishy-washy man who looked like a squirrel... Like Rick, how do you swing from being cynical about everything to being best friends with a dude who has consistently served whichever master is more comfortable?! Come on, can we PUHLEASE get a happy medium!!!! Anyway, I didn't really like Renault, but I tolerate him.
"Why are you closing us down?" 
"Illegal gambling!"
"Here are your winnings, sir!" 
Makes me laugh every time!

"Play it, Sam! Play As Time Goes By." Can we talk about the music for a minute? This movie sort of revolves around the song As Time Goes By, which I plan to learn as soon as I finish this. I love Sam and his loyalty and hoW DARE RICK LEAVE HIM!!!! ahem as I was saying, I loved Sam and his piano playing and then La Marseillaise and basically all the music except for that weird Spanish song that was really high....

Side note: That German waiter is in like three other movies from the 40s that my family watched when we had TCM at a hotel once, including In the Good Old Summertime.

Basically the theme of the movie is self-sacrifice. Laslo sacrifices everything for a cause. Ilsa has sacrificed everything for her husband. And Rick. Oh Rick, who never does anything for anybody, sacrifices the one good thing that ever happened to him!!!! Now, I think he should have made his choice about twenty minutes earlier, but better late than never I guess! He's so noble and does the right thing and oh my goodness it's amazing!

And there you have it folks! You need to go watch this movie pronto! It's amazing and you basically need to watch it just to say you have! And also because it's so stinking quotable!


  1. Yes yes yes! This movie is one of my and my family's favorites. It is SO quotable. "If I gave you any thought I probably would" is a highly quoted line in my family. :) Actually all of the lines are quotes all the time!

    1. That line is so great!!! I love movies that are quotable!

  2. Just watched this last night (and I'm so glad you enjoyed the copy I sent you). Wonderful movie! <3

  3. Great movie review!!! I've only seen this movie once, but I knew then why it was a classic. Great character arcs and lots of sacrifice. Thanks for sharing, and I love all the photos you post! :)

    1. It's like an instant classic, even though that's a paradox. So much sacrifice! Thanks :)

  4. I've only watched this movie once but I was completely blown away by it.
    Yes, there are so many iconic lines spoken. Sadly i've forgotten most of them (I think a rewatch is needed).
    But a great movie and a great review!

  5. I know right! I hate when you know a movie has good lines, but you forget them!!! Thanks so much for hosting!

  6. Oddly enough, the first time I saw this, I was bored. Bored! Can you believe it? What effrontery! But I was like 14, so... I was an idiot. I saw it again a couple of years later and have been nuts about it ever since. Whew. Because yeah, like you pointed out so well here, it is awesome! Dense and serious and thought-provoking and feelsy.

    1. Bored! *gasp* But yeah, I get it. I still have a hard time staying that engaged for that long :D I guess I love it because like my favorite books, it gives me stuff to think about!

    2. I was really into old movies at 14, and long ones -- I could sit through a 3- or 4-hour epic easy-peasy. Just didn't get into Casablanca the first time, is all.


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