Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Little House Tag Answers!

Here it is!!!! My favorite playground game ever!!!! TAG (Wow, Ashley, you really like tag...) (Yes, yes, I do.)
I really like Helen Sewell's work actually
1. How did you discover Little House?
I discovered Little House probably in first grade when I read a treasury of Little House in the Big Woods, Little House on the Prairie, and On the Banks of Plum Creek. I fell in love! You can read more about that story HERE!

These are soooo beautiful!
2. Which Little House series have you read? Which are you favorite? (Laura, Martha, Rose, etc.)
bahahah I have read them ALLLLLL! My favorite are the Caroline and Laura series, although the others have some individually good books. I just strongly identify with Laura and Caroline.

I need to read this book!

3. Have you read any "extra" Little House books? (books not "canon", cookbooks, song books, craft books, little kid books, etc.) I have skimmed the Little House Cookbook which Hamlette is reviewing for me :) I also have some picture books that are gorgeous! I have also read the Mansfield Chronicles by ... I didn't really appreciate them for their Laura Ingalls Wilder value as much as the Younguns cuz those kids are hilarious! I've also read/skimmed Laura's diary on the way to Missouri and her letters to Manly and Rose from Sand Francisco!

I really, really love this cover!
4. Have you read any nonfiction works about Laura or any of the Little House girls? Oooh I actually don't think so. I tried to read Pioneer Girl, but it was just too much right now. One day though!
Basically my reaction
5. When did you discover that Little House was fiction?
Ummm in eighth grade when I had to to a book report on a NONfiction book, and my teachers pointed out the fiction label on the back and I was crushed! But I lived...

This dude has a wicked mullet

6. If you could be in any character's place, who would you choose and why?
This is hard! Who wrote these questions?! Part of me says Martha cuz living in Scotland sounds like so much fun and then she moved to America. I think the pioneer living with Caroline and the constant moving with Laura would get old pretty fast!

7. What's your favorite Little House ship? (AKA couple)
Charles and Caroline. With Lew and Martha/Laura and Manly as a tie for second! They both have so many cute moments. And I LOVE all their marriages. Even though the Laura/Manly age gap throws me... (I'm sorry. But not really.)

8. What's your favorite Little House book? Cover?
Across the Rolling River or Those Happy Golden Years. I think I like the cover of Across the Rolling River or A Little House of Their Own best cuz they feature Caroles! (But I don't really like the colors for A Little House of Their Own now that I'm staring at it...)

9. If you could invite any secondary character from any of the Little House books over for dinner, who would you choose and why?
Nellie Olsen! JK JK Probably Will from the Charlotte series cuz he was funny and nice. Same with Duncan Morse. And Cap Garland. Or Auld Mary. Probably Auld Mary for storytelling purposes!

10. Have you watched the Little House TV show? If so, do you enjoy it?
I've seen the episode that follows them onto the prairie. And I've seen an episode with Carrie stuck in a hole. Ummm I never really got into the Little House series. Probably for like three reasons: 1. When I was younger, I was obsessed with things matching books just right. 2. It's not on Netflix. (It's probably on YouTube though). And 3 my family likes to watch more light-hearted TV shows. Ya know stuff like Leverage, Leave it to Beaver, Andy Griffith, The Dick Van Dyke Show. Sure there's exceptions like Granite Flats, but even that drama got a little much. I guess we have had enough drama in our own lives ;) (Boy could I tell you some stories!)


11. If you could watch a YouTube miniseries on any Little House book or series, which would you choose and how would the basic plot go?
I would like to see Rose. I think the plot could easily transfer to YouTube. For example, Rose is moving across the country for her dad's job, and her parents start some sort of business in the country. Rose is trying to juggle high school, making new town friends, and chores. Her family takes in an exchange student named Nate. That's actually how most webseries go, so that would be cool! Or Bachelor Girl would do nicely, but that's really sad :( And definitely get the guy who plays Gilbert to play Paul!!!!!! (Unless it's Bachelor Girl because Paul was not very nice in that...)

Well, there's my answers! I can't wait to read all yours :)

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