Tuesday, February 9, 2016

My Favorite Minor Characters from the Little House Series

We all know and love (most of) the main characters from the Little House series. But today, I want to focus on my favorite not-so-major characters. Well, some of them are major, but they're not the MAIN characters, if you know what I mean...

This girl is pretty, but NOT Martha Morse
The Martha Years

The Morse Family - Okay, Martha is part of the Morse family, but I meant the rest of it. I don't remember much about Father except that he's good and kind and loves his children and wife. Those are the truly important things anyway. Mother is oh-so wise and loving. She listens to her children and trains them correctly. I don't remember Alisdair and Robbie much, but Duncan!! Oh how I love Duncan and his mischief and unselfishness! And his I have a tolerate/hate (not love/hate) relationship with Grisie. Sometime's she's nice, most of the time she's not... And the servants are so nice and helpful. And ooooh I just love the Morses!

Auld Mary - Auld Mary is the medicine woman/midwife on Martha's dad's estate or whatever. She tells wonderful stories, has some great wisdom, and makes medicine and dyes from plants. She also gives Martha a drop spindle which is like the coolest thing ever. My grandma gave me one, and I think it's still around here somewhere!

The Charlotte Years
See above
Will - Will is the apprentice of sorts to Charlotte's dad. He's funny and a charmer. I was so disappointed that we didn't get more of him. I was sad he had to go to war :( But then he came back and got married and had a baby and stuff...

The Caroline Years
Quiner sibs - I also love the Quiner siblings. Joseph is so responsible and grown up. Henry is so funny and keeps the whole family entertained. (He's a little bit of a jerk to Mr. Holbrook though). Thomas is so cute. I love to read about him doing his little chores :) Martha was okay. She wasn't as bad as Grisie, but she was still bossy. I thought her crush on Charlie Carpenter was adorable! Eliza was also really cute. And she was so nice as she got older. Thankfully, she seemed to take after Caroline more than she did Martha!

The Laura Years
Ma - Again, the Little House moms are amazing. Through all that the Ingalls go through, Caroline never complains. She helps her husband. She makes her house a home. She keeps going even when she would really rather not! She's just BOSS!

Cap - Cap Garland is like a really, really, really minor character in the last few Laura books. I love him because of his laugh, his mischief, and his daring. For pete's sake, he went with Almanzo to find grain!! That alone deserves admiration and gratitude and everything!

Pa - Oh Pa! Always cheerful and happy and roving. Like Ma, he does what's best for the family even when he doesn't exactly want to stay put. He's a hard worker and an entrepreneur. Men like him are what made America!

The Rose Years
Swiney - Swiney (Nate) Baird is the younger brother of Abe Baird, a dude the Wilders help out in exchange for handyman stuff. Laura teaches Swiney to read and to go to school. He and Rose have so much fun together. I LOVE when Rose gives him her sleigh and he's just sooooo happy!  And my favorite Swiney part is when he learns to love reading and just devours books. Abe gets worried, but Laura's like "Hey, it's always like this when they first discover reading. So let him read!"

Well, those are a just a FEW of my favorite minor characters. That's one of the things I like about Little House. SO MANY CHARACTERS! And I love most of them. Do you ever think of how many people you know, and you're just like "Wow! I know a lot of people!" Well, that's me with Little House characters...


  1. Ma annoys me quite a lot actually, as a Ma - but I still love her. AND PA IS AMAZING. He's so CHEERFUL. :-)

    Swiney!!!! "CALL ME NATE." :-D

    AND HENRY QUINER. I really love Henry. YESSSS.

    1. Ma annoys you!! *gasp* Pa is so cheerful it's ridiculous!
      I like Swiney better than Nate anyway :D
      Henry and Polly tho....

  2. CAP GARLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I wuvs him :)

  3. Ma is AWESOME.

    Like, really. Like, I MEAN TO SAY. I can hardly imagine the struggles she had to deal with--but she did it with so much grace and strength and just LOVE, really. She's one amazing woman.

    And CAP!!!!! Cap Garland . . . no words, really. None. Just . . . GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I love him. :-)

    1. Ma has so, so much grace! Welcome to the CAP club :D

  4. You keep making me want to re-read these! I was already planning on re-reading the Laura series but now I want to re-read them all! RE-READ ALL THE BOOKS!!!!!!!! ;)


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