Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Pianist Spotlight: Kim Collingsworth

Oh Kim Collingsworth! The Queen of the Keys as some call her! Kim is a HUGE role model of mine. She's one of the few active female SG pianists out there doing what I want to do. Her music always, always touches me in some way, whether it's big or fun or quiet. I would love the Collingsworth Family even if it were just singing, but Kim's playing adds a whole new dimension!

Here's Goodbye World Goodbye, that song that literally everybody plays. I mean everybody! But it's a good song, so I'm not complaining! And the orchestration, as on all Kim Collingsworth pieces is AMAZING! And what do you know, it's a variation on the basic formula: verse, chorus, fancier verse, improv chorus! (That was sarcastic, but it's still a fun arrangement!)

This is my favorite Kim Collingsworth arrangement! (CFam always has these really cool coordinating stage clothes) I really want to arrange this for myself someday soon! I love the jazzy sound and how it keeps going and going but you never want it to stop! I could literally listen to this song ALL DAY LONG! And those chromatic scales! #GOALS

Whenever Kim plays, you can see that she's really sincere about what she does. She plays from the heart. I really want to learn this arrangement! Part of it's in B though!!! Why would you write a song for yourself in B?! Oh well, I love the chromatic third scales she does for the key changes. I'm teaching myself those right now, and I recognized them :D

Here's a BIG song that Kim is known for. I watched this one "live" through Periscope, and it was UHMAZING! I tend to like less orchestration, but the piano still gets the spotlight most of the time, and I enjoy how big it sounds!

Finally, here's a quiet song. It's one of my dad's favorites! (I should probably arrange that too...) I like that while Kim can bang with the best of them, she's not afraid to play quietly on stage. I personally struggle with that. I also like that she never plays the song the same way. There's always a little variation in a melody or rhythm that I appreciate, because I struggle to play the song the same way every time. 

I love Kim Collingsworth as a person, pianist, and singer. She can do anything with the best of them! As a final treat, here she is on the song When He Carries Me Away. It's a powerful song highlighting her powerful voice! I can't wait to meet her next week!

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