Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Southwest Southern Gospel Music Festival 2016 Preview!!!

Well, this week is the largest Southern Gospel concert of the year for Phoenix, the Southwest Southern Gospel Music Festival. In fact, it's probably the only time of the year that most these artists come to Phoenix, which means I am super pumped! I went to this last year and had a blast. But that's a different story. Today, I want to take a look at all the people I'm excited to see! The event is three nights with five sessions, but I'll probably only be attending the Friday night one.

First off, Legacy Five. I've never heard Legacy Five in person, but I like a lot of their songs. I also can't wait to meet Trey Ivey! He's one of my favorite pianists, and you can read more about that HERE.

Then, the Collingsworth Family. GUYS do you know how long I've been waiting for this!!!!! Oh my word, this is gonna be so stinkin' great! And then I'll get to talk to Kim Collingsworth and attempt not to freak out, but you can see for yourselves how good of a job I'm doing with that....

Next is Ernie Haase and Signature Sound. I heard EHSS last year, and they were amazing. I even got to meet them all and get their autographs! This year, I want to talk to Tyler Vestal, their pianist. Originally, EHSS and the Collingsworths were on different nights, but now they're the same PTL!!!!

Cana's Voice is probably the newest group here, and I can't wait to hear them! I've watched them sing Jesus Never Fails so many times, and it always gives me goosebumps! This is gonna be one amazing group!

There's also a few other groups singing that night, but these are the ones I'm most excited for. I'm also excited to meet the Erwins, Stan Whitmire, and Tim Parton of the Jim Brady trio, even though they won't be singing that night!

All said, I can't wait for Friday night! Let me know if you're gonna be there!

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