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The Things I Love About Each Little House Girl

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I love ALL the Little House girls. Admittedly, there's some I love more than others, but there's parts of each one that I love so much! And I can learn so much from each one! I did write a little bit about this in my wrap-up post for my Little House challenge last year, but I plan on getting deeper in this one :)
I really, really like this cover.
Take Charlotte, who's definitely not my favorite Little House girl! I love her sensitivity to others, even imaginary characters like that syrup bottle! I also love her imagination, again with said syrup bottle. She also learns to cope with so much change in a way that relates to my life right now. She learns that change happens, it may not always be good, but it grows you! I actually love Charlotte more for what she goes through than her as a person. Maybe part of that is because the Charlotte books take place when she's a lot younger, like 4-10.

This book: meh
This color scheme: <3 td="">
But still I love Martha even though her books take place with her as a little girl. She's so curious and wants to know why things are a certain way. She also lives life with a vitality that's so exciting to read. She also wants to help her family and servants anyway she can. She's usually cheerful, always laughing at a joke or story. Most importantly, Martha learns to be content. Like Grisie, her older sister, Martha struggles with being a laird's daughter. Grisie wants to be something more, something more social. But Martha wants to be just a regular farmer. In Down to the Bonny Glen, Martha learns to be content with her situation in life and to appreciate her father's position. It's a grand lesson that I need to remember a lot!
Have I already used this?
Rose for me was meh. Sometimes I liked her and sometimes I didn't. I did like her openness and readiness for life. She, and her family, basically took everything that was thrown at them without complaining. Rose is always looking for some opportunity, whether a library, job, or private school. She loves to learn and devours books. I think she reads more than any other Little House girl! She uses this love of learning to become a telegraph operator and learn like three years of Latin in one and to do so many other things! She's also friendly and unselfish to everyone! (Well, most of the time...) She gives the sled to Swiney and is kind to Blanche and is basically a great kid! And we'll stop there...
I love this color! And her dress!
Caroline was wonderful! I loved how she was always helping her family in whatever little way she could. She loved to teach others and to see them grow. She values her girls' education and teaches them whenever she can. She was also very practical and could solve anything, particularly on the frontier with Charles. She's also loves Charles so much that she would move across the country a bajillion times for him! She's steadfast and remains the same, the strong shoulder her family can lean on. She's literally the glue that holds the Ingalls family together. She learns to do what she doesn't like to with a smile and instills that in her girls. She gives up so much for her family, yet she's never bitter! Let's face it, Caroline Ingalls, even with her faults, was an amazing woman capable of so many things. She had that quiet strength that helped her get through anything!
This is apparently from Little House on the Prairie
Could I please have some context cuz this looks hilarious XD
Laura was blessed with many of the same qualities as her Ma. However, her sense of adventure, her passion for life, and her ambition come from her Pa. It's interesting to watch Laura mature and channel this passion and longing to restart into restarting her own life and farm several times. She and Manly face so many hardships it's almost unfair! There's a fire, a tornado, a child that dies, a drought, a mortage, soooo much. Yet they don't complain. They just go try to find a new way to make it work. They restart and they continue. Laura's fortitude is such an inspiration to keep going when it seems like everything your life was about is crashing down. Laura and Manly used these opportunities to regroup and to make their life even better. This kind of fortitude and perseverance is something I want to cultivate in my own life!

Well, there you have it. What I admire and learn from each Little House girl. So, what character qualities do you see in them?

Also, aren't you proud. This post wasn't in chronological series order XD


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    1. Hi Michaila! I love how you spell your name! I'll be checking out your tag very soon :)

  2. I admire all of the Little House girls for the same reasons you mentioned.

    That one scene is when Mrs. Olsen finds out that her daughter Nellie is not crippled because Nellie has been pretending that she is and has been lying to her parents. Mrs. Olsen is so happy and shocked when she sees Nellie stand up, that she faints and falls out of her buggy. It is a very funny scene. :-)

    1. Thanks for the explanation! That sounds hilarious and the GIF is magnificent!

  3. Beautiful post, Ashley! I loved reading about what each of the Little House girls means to you :-)

    I do love Caroline--she's so quiet and yet so brave and strong at the same time. And her romance with Charles is adorable . . . even after they've been married for years and years, they're still in love and it's awesome :-)

    I can relate to Charlotte much better than to Martha, personally--but I like both of them. Martha is absolutely hilarious sometimes. And I love Charlotte's sensitivity and imagination :-)

    1. Thanks Jessica! Charles and Caroline's romance is such a good example! Martha is sooo hilarious :D


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