Friday, February 12, 2016

Why I Love the Little House TV Series // Guest Post by Ekaterina

Thanks so much Ekaterina for writing this post! Ekaterina is one of my best blogging friends. We live in the same area of the country, and I love her taste in books and movies! She doesn't have a blog yet, but she can write splendiferous posts!

Why I love the Little House TV series

By Ekaterina Yodis

The TV series is based on the Little House books.  The only show that is most accurately based on the books is the pilot, which follows the 3rd book of the series, Little House on the Prairie.  The rest of the TV series takes place in the town, Walnut Grove.  Some people might not like the TV show because it is not based on the books or because it’s a product of the era when it was made, which is why I would like to tell you my reasons why I love this series

1. It contains good morals and lessons.

This is one of the few shows that I know, which has lessons in every show.  Each show also has good morals and even though there are tough situations in some episodes, the importance of family is seen throughout the entire series.  I love how families are shown around the table talking and building relationships like healthy families do and also struggle together through tough times.  One of the things that I like most about the lessons and morals is how even the bad characters are portrayed.  For example, Mrs. Olson, “the mean person in the show”, is seen here and there throughout the series, showing that she really has a heart and is not always mean.  One cannot classify characters as either good or bad, but one has to see that all of the characters have flaws, and all of the characters are both good and bad, which is how people in real life work.  

2. The characters are pretty much the same.

Even though the characters don’t follow what happens in the book, whatever situation they encounter, they act the same way I image they would in the books.

3. I know that almost whatever episode I watch, especially if it’s an earlier one, I know I will have a fun time.

There are some dark episodes like Sylvia, which I would not suggest watching.  There are some sad episodes, which are sad but also very beautiful, like when the town got anthrax, but there are mostly happy episodes. 

4. I can watch the same episodes over and over again without getting tired of them.
Since I have been rewatching episodes ever since I was very young, I can say that this statement is very true.

Have you seen the Little House on the Prairie’s TV series?  Do you like this show?  Do you not like the TV series but like the books more? 

Thanks so much Ekaterina! I should probably rewatch some episodes! And I would really like to know your opinion too! So answer the questions :)


  1. I've actually never seen the TV show :) But great post, Ekaterina! I enjoyed reading it!

    1. Hi Rosie! If you ever see the show, I would be very curious to see what you think about it. :-)

  2. Oh, I completely agree, Ekaterina! The show is GOLD - I grew up with them, and I love it too - although in a different way to the books. AHH YES. I COULD REWATCH THE EPISODES FOREVER. (Some, that is. Because, as you said, there are some odd episodes. I don't want to watch Sylvia. )

    Great post! :-)

    1. I agree that my love for the show is different than my love for the books.

      I think part of the joy of the show is that the lessons are timeless, kind of like a fairy tale, like in Country Girls or the Richest Man in Walnut Grove.

      Do you have any episodes that are your favorite?

    2. Yeah, I LOVE Country Girls. 'Troublemaker' and 'Bunny' are two my favourites, too.

    3. I love those episodes too! :-)

  3. I grew up watching this show, and yes, I like it for the same reasons you mentioned here :-)

    1. Another person who has seen the show! :-)
      Do you have any episodes that you particularly like more than others?

  4. Thank you Ashley for giving me this opportunity to join in your party! This is a lot of fun! :-)

    1. Oh! I forgot to answer the questions. :-)

      Yes, I have seen all of the show's episodes, and I love this TV series.
      It's hard to put the books and show together. They are both equal, but I like them differently somehow. Does that make sense?

    2. Aww thank you Ekaterina! Yeah, I love your explanation of how you like them differently! I'll be checking some more episodes out soon!


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