Wednesday, February 10, 2016

"Yeah, someone that did something in history and had fun."

Quoting National Treasure during a Little House week. smh Ashley smh (I actually knew Riley Poole said a quote about history, but I had to IMDb it....)

I need to rewatch this...
Okay, before I begin, random Little House fact I just remembered about myself. When I was like in fifth grade, I decided to copy Little Town on the Prairie for some reason. (Idk man I was weird!) So I copied the whole first chapter because it's literally two pages and then I stopped...


The Little House books are ALL about history. And I'm a history buff! So here are some of my favorite historical moments mentioned in the Little House books!
Robert the Bruce
First Martha! The Martha books don't mention a lot of history, but there's Scottish history, including Robert the Bruce which reminds me of one of my favorite books In Freedom's Cause. (Henty anyone?) Basically, Scottish independence was a beautiful thing and terrible thing and I still haven't got over them not taking their independence last year when they could

(no offense to any particular Scottish reader though! I mean, idk, it might have been a bad economic discussion but I'm American so I'm all like FREEDOM!)

*ahem* Back to history, the US is mentioned in the Martha books. I think I recall something about Kentucky and then the War for Independence. It did take place around the same time. I love when I get a bigger view of history around the world and country. Sometimes I get tunnel vision and only think about one event at the time, but in reality, they all sort of intertwine!

"By Dawn's Early Light"
by Edward Moran
Ahh Charlotte! The theme of her books seems to be change, which is cool for history. There's the lightbulb and the Erie Canal and then the War of 1812 where Will goes :( Just some background, the War of 1812 was America's first chance to prove to the world that she could stand up to the bullies. And our capital got burned. But we got our national anthem, so it's all good now :D The above picture depicts the flag still standing after the night's battle. I'm assuming that's Francis Scott Key on the ladder.

Another Ashley fun fact: The President during 1812 was James Madison. I played his wife Dolly Madison in kindergarten for my graduation program :D

I realized the other day that I'm a bit rusty on history from like 1814 to 1860ish. The Caroline years actually help shed some light. There's not a lot of BIG historical events. Instead, it's the settling and history of small towns in the frontier. It's interesting to see the Quiners' town get roads and grow and have a fair and get neighbors (INGALLS!!!) Small towns were, and arguably are, the backbone of America, especially when she was still getting started! One big event I recognized was the gold rush which basically turns nice, funny Henry into a jerk... But he snaps out of it. Don't worry!

Melissa Gilbert was adorable!
I find it interesting how the Little House girls never have to deal with the Civil War. The closest it gets is that one cousin who's a little messed up who blows the horn. I always felt bad for him! Again, the Laura books don't have any BIG historical events, but like the Caroline books, they focus on growing America and the young Midwest. The Homestead Act is one of my favorite government acts. I just love how it opened the frontier and called to all the strong pioneers. It was sooo hard. The Ingalls and Wilders face so stinkin' many hardships, but they come out stronger people who are literally found the Western states! Also, the later Laura books taught me the history of Dakota. Just combine that with The One and Only Genuine Original Family Band, and we're set! "Harrison says two new states...."

First run of a trolley car in San Fran
Finally, the Rose years. The Rose books seems to dwell more on movements such as socialism and the rise of working women. There's also a pretty big drought that caused a lot of people to move :(
As for the movements, I don't agree AT ALL with socialism, but now is not the place for that debate. I DO like the opening up of jobs for women in the early 1900s. For Pete's sake, thanks to those women, I can literally have whatever career I want as long as I work hard and it's what God has for me! (Y'all know where I'm coming from here #NotAFeminist) So I enjoyed seeing the role of women as telegraph operators and real estate agents. It was also interesting and ultimately devastating to see how Paul did not want Rose to work! nooooooo

Well, there's your American history lesson for the day! What are your favorite historical moments in Little House?


  1. I have In Freedom's Cause. I haven't read it, yet, but it's something I want to read to my kids.

    My kids and I used the Prairie Primer for our Little House school year, and there is ton's of history in The Little House series: Native American history, pioneer history, the Gold Rush, Civil War history, the Industrial Era, and even early American and presidential history. I can't pick which is my favorite b/c I love all history. : )

    1. In Freedom's Cause is such a great book! I plan on rereading it later this year! Oh I forgot about the Native American history! That Little House school year sounds like so much fun!

  2. ALRIGHT. This done it. Now I want to read ALLLLL the books! History does that to me-- makes me slightly crazy and prone to resolve irrational things. ;-P BUT I really do want to read all these books now.

    (By the way, sorry I haven't had much time to comment more, but I have really been enjoying your Little House week! :-))

    1. Yay! I can't wait to hear your thoughts on them! No worries :D


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