Tuesday, March 8, 2016

A Trip Inside My Brain OR Why You Don't Want To Be Me

First, let me say that my brain is annoying at times, but always very useful; therefore I shall try not to bash it too much.... But in case you ever wondered what goes on inside my head, here is a short list of random things that happen in my brain on a daily basis.

1. MUSIC. So I either have a song stuck in my head or I'm desperately trying to get a song stuck in my head cuz I really, really want to remember it and I CAN'T. (This happens like twice a month) If a song is stuck in my head, my brain is usually blaring the only two lines I know from a pop song. Literally the phrase, "Hello from the other side na mm na mm mmmm" or "This is my fight song na na na na LIFE SONG" on repeat for hours.... -____- (Also, if you do NOT want to have friends, start singing When I'm Gone AKA the Cup Song cuz that is the catchiest song ever!)

Ya know how we all have our Tumblr post?
This is mine
*dies laughing*

2. INSIDE JOKES. You see, I'm so lame I have inside jokes with myself. Like I'll see something funny on Instagram or Pinterest and then like two days later my brain will say "Hey, why do you have a picture of a ceiling fan in your house?" or "Darth Schnoz" or "2020 vision" or "Leo DiCaprio has as many Oscars as a whale" or "The quietest bowl of cereal ever" or "How bout dat!" and I'll die laughing. Sometimes in my head. Unfortunately, it happens out loud too.... (Also, if you got any of those jokes we go to the same places...)

3. BLANK. Like when I was trying to think of inside jokes I had with myself and my brain refused to cooperate...
Have you seen the Cumberbunny?
Look it up now
4. RANDOM MEMORIES. Why do I have these useless memories?! Like that time I didn't take a nap when I was like 4 and my dad got me ice cream from the ice cream truck and it was Dora and it had bubblegum eyes and I hate bubblegum. Or when I first met one of my friends and my dad was touring the kid's sketchbook like "Oh here's a coffee stain!" Or when 5 year old me sat in the back of a car with my best friend and yelled "Have a good siesta" to my mom. I think we meant fiesta...

From a public domain Little Men copy

5. MEMORY BANK. I think I got this from Little Men when Demi's like "Hey, every Sunday I go through my memory warehouse and clean it out!" (That's the same chapter as the cat lady/possible-cat-murderer-i-can't-remember) So then I started thinking of my favorite memories as being in a room and I have file folders for everyone I have special memories with and I have my favorite "happy" memories in one spot. Yeah, that's not weird at all...

Except purple
6. ASSOCIATIONS. I don't even know for most of these. For example, ever since I was like 3, whenever we would sing the song "Isn't He Wonderful," I would think of a carton of vanilla yogurt. Probably because I had just learned the word "wonderful" and it said it on a commercial or something. Weird I know.

7. RANDOM FACTS. Along with random memories, my brain also spits out random facts I've learned. Like "Hey Ashley remember that Alice Roosevelt used to walk around with a snake around her neck?" Or "Hey remember that you learned that Hitler made the French surrender in the same car that Germany had to surrender in?" Or "Hey remember that ethanol is made of corn?" or "Hey, remember how to find the formula of a parabola?" Just random stuff that my brain brings up at such weird times!!!!

This is basically everyone in my class at school...
8. IDEAS. Sometimes, I have really rather good ideas, such as this blog post. Other times I have good ideas and then I stinkin' forget them!!!! Sometimes I think of an original melody only to play it and realize "Oh hey, that's a really dumbed down Piano Guys song you learned...." Sometimes I have good post ideas, like I did this morning, and NOW I CAN'T REMEMBER THEM!!!!

Me trying to figure out an opinion
9. OPINIONS. Ya know, life and issues are confusing. And most of the time I don't know what I think about them yet. Therefore, I'm constantly running different sides to arguments and trying to form my personal opinion. That makes me sound like a really objective, unprejudiced person but I'm not. Not yet at least. I figure I'm going to be living on my own in a few years, and in all probability, I'll be going to a public university and voting this year, so I need to figure out where and why I stand on issues. Also, I hate changing my mind so I want to find an position I can stick to.

10. SCREAMING. Like a goat.

Well, there you have it. The short tour of my brain. As you can see, it's a riot. And I mean that in the most literal sense. How about you? Do you do/think any of these things?


  1. I think your brain and mine might have a few things in common. :)

    1. Yay! I'm not alone in this cold, hard world!!!

  2. "You're gonna miss me when I'm gone, you're gonna miss me when I'm gone...." NOW THAT SONG IS IN MY HEAD. THANKS, ASHLEY.

    This was actually really funny. ;-) Don't worry, you're not the only one with a flighty-wighty (I just made that up I think) randomly obnoxious brain. Believe me, I've got my own weird quirks! A lot of these I relate to...such as the associations, and the trying to think of songs (OH MY YES) and the random memories. Boy, do I have a lot of those. ;-P Anyway, this was super fun to read!

    1. YOU'RE SO WELCOME EMMA!!! It's sooo annoying though!

      Flighty-wighty that's awesome! Thanks so much :D

  3. Doesn't sound odd to me at all. Maybe there's a writer in there?

  4. Hahaha, what a fun brain you have! Mine is Similar In Many Aspects. :-)

    1. Thanks! My brain feels very happy now!


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