Wednesday, March 2, 2016

February 2016 In Review // Actually Pretty Good!

February was actually pretty good this year for being my least favorite month and all! I mean the first week after we transitioned out of our church was hard, but overall, it was fun. (Mostly because I wasn't stressing out about a Fine Arts Festival my school has done every year but this one, praise the Lord!!!) I basically spent the whole month looking forward to the Southwest Southern Gospel Music Festival which didn't disappoint!

They were gonna put Church Norris on Mt. Rushmore,
But the granite was too soft for his beard....
So my month started out with getting ready for the Little House Blog Party! That party was so much fun thanks to you guys! I think everybody should run a blog event. It's such a scary/cool feeling to realize that YOU are in control. mwahahahahelpmeplease I think it grew my confidence in blogging a lot. Maybe. I don't know. (Look how confident I am....)

This came from an Invisalign website...
I feel like Invisalign sends mixed messages about confidence
Like "Be confident in the braces nobody can see!"
"Forget the losers who actually have to advertise
that their teeth are crooked!!!"
I've been confused about what day of the week it is this whole stinkin' month. You see, my old church had service on Tuesday night (for rental situations in the past), but the youth group we're going to now meets on Wednesday night. So I'm really confused.

Oh yeah, I got business cards which I was able to hand out to a lot of people at the music festival! For Pete's sake, I got to talk with one of the most influential men in gospel music!!! And he kept telling me stuff to practice and advice on piano and I was just in Heaven and it was great!!! And then I met my role model, Kim Collingsworth herself!!! YEASSSS!!! I'm still excited guys!! It was so great! If you're interested, you can read a full recap of that HERE.

Kim Collingsworth and I
Well, thanks for hanging with me another month! I'm currently in a stupor brought about by the aforestated (that is totally a word) day confusion, and there's just a lot going on right now! Also, my mom's across the country so I'm trying to hold down the fort and suddenly I appreciate her like 500x more. I love you Mom!

Oh and reading went well! I don't know why, but it took me forever to read A Tale of Two Cities. I read it in three days last time! And it took me 28 this time? What even! I'm behind on reviews, but expect those in the next week!

Looking forward:
Clearing off my desktop - hopefully this weekend...
Spring Break - next week!!!!
Youth Conference - April 6-8 (Oh shnapsies that's in a month...)
Graduation - April 17
Moving date - ?
Moving destination - ? still
College -? still (Don't you wish you were me right now? :) )
Stamps-Baxter School of Music - two weeks in July!!

This post was probably extremely incoherent, b


  1. It wasn't extremely incoherent, it was fun. ;-) Wow, sounds like you've got a lot on your plate right now. Oh my goodness, you MET Kim Collingsworth?!?! THAT IS SO COOL. She's super amazing. I saw the family in concert...two years ago, almost, but we didn't get to meet any of them. That's so special that you got to actually MEET your role model!

    Haha, I hope you get oriented on what day it is. Today's Thursday, just so you know. ;-P


    1. Thanks so much for your lovely comment! It made my day!
      You know the Collingsworth family!!!!! YAY!!!! Aren't they the bestest! She is so amazing and kind and sincere!
      Thanks for reminding me of the day :P

  2. I wish I could have joined your Little House party! I read a lot of the posts, but I had to do homework and couldn't participate. :(

    Have an excellent March, Ashley!


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