Thursday, March 31, 2016

March 2016 in Review // I Still Don't Even Know

One day at a time (sweet Jesus) (sorry I know a gospel song for every phrase) has basically been how I've been living this past month. Just get up, drive to school, have the fun classes, have the boring class, have the brain-engaged class, eat lunch, practice piano, help with the little kids, so on and so forth. BTW I had to sub as a preschool teacher last week, and it was exhausting but pretty fun! I also taught them to say "I'm Batman" XD

We're pretty sure of where we're moving, but there's still that whole job for my dad, house, moving stuff, and college to work out. I'm pretty settled on community college for at least this next year, which is not really how I had my life planned out but hey it's cheap and hopefully I'll have more music opportunities!

Also, I 'm researching government officials for school and I just got my voter application form, but I won't be able to vote in Arizona and it's just like a knife stabbing my secret political nerd heart over and over (Sorry for my violent metaphors) because I've been looking forward to voting in Arizona for things that I actually care about for like a long time :,( And I'll only have lived in whatever state/city for like five months so how will I know what I should vote for...

This was so accurate. What even?

I've been driving a lot with a small goal of getting my license before we move so that I can help drive. I can officially get it on my birthday, but I don't think I'm ready. I'm still not very confident, and I hate, hate, hate changing lanes. Also, the I-10 is a deathtrap where a car right in front of me completely stopped. Let's just say I'll enjoy the freedom driving will bring, but I really, really, really don't like driving.

Basically me on the inside but on the other side of the car

I've been watching the Flash recently which is pretty good! I'm also reading the Lunar Chronicles and with my luck, Winter will be in at the library the day we drive out of Phoenix.... Reading went rather fast this month thanks to the Lunar Chronicles, but now that I look at Goodreads, maybe it wasn't so hot :D I just packed up half of my books, but I'm really paranoid that I'll like run out of reading material so I kept a lot out still...

Looking ahead:
Youth Conference - NEXT WEEK I'M SO EXCITED
Graduation - 4/17 And my grandparents are coming so that's cool :-)
Birthday - 4/18 I have a cool post planned that I'm stealing from Naomi...
Heading out - Sometime in May....
Seeing MadZach in San Antonio - again sometime in May...
Stamps-Baxter School of Gospel Music - July 10-22 (Please Bestow a Scholarship On This Poor Human Who Loves Piano Please)


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