Thursday, March 3, 2016

March Music Goals

Here's how I did with my goals for February!

1) Three more arrangements. Checkers! I was pretty proud of Be Thou My Vision, but I got bored with it, and I need to go back and perfect it. Oh Happy Day is my new favorite because it's so happy (profound I know) and bouncy! I combined it with I've Got The Joy Down in My Heart. I'll Fly Away is a blah arrangement to me. It's okay, and I'll definitely perform it, but I feel like that song has so much more potential! MacGyver also went well. After I realized I was making MY arrangement, not a note-for-note performance.

2) Illumination by Jennifer Thomas and He's a Pirate: I learned both of these so fast! I'm still struggling with low, even fingers on Illumination, but I have the song down! He's a Pirate is a fun one to bang :D

3) Sight read everyday: I'm pretty sure I did this. 

4) Learn whole accompaniments: Hey, I did this! I learned a few Erwins songs and then did accompaniments for some songs for Sunday.

5) Chromatic scales: YES This is the thing I'm the most proud of this month. I can now do that Kim Collingsworth transition and so many other cool things! It's by no means perfect, but I can do so much more now!

6) Composing: I did. It was okay I guess. I don't really like composing, but at least I know I can do it!

Now for March. I've decided March is going to be my last month of learning tons of new pieces. I've learned most everything I really, really want to learn, and it's time to focus on more practical stuff. That doesn't mean I'm not going to ever learn a new song, but I'll be backing off quite a bit after graduation. But that's for next month :D
1) Learn new songs. This month is Solfeggio, Music Box Dancer, and Linus and Lucy. I learned Solfeggio in seventh grade, and I had so much fun, I want to play it for graduation. It's basically ready, but it just needs polishing. Music Box Dancer was the request of my teacher, and since I like the song, I decided to learn it and play it for him at my graduation concert. And Linus and Lucy cuz why not! The below video is of Music Box Dancer and is the most aggressively 70s thing I've seen in a while. You're welcome.

2) Arranging. This month is a quick Heaven's Jubilee medley (Heaven's Jubilee/Meeting in the Air) using elements from Kim Collingsworth's and Anthony Burger's arrangements but with my own spin :) Also, I'm doing Joshua Fit the Battle which is gonna be fun and His Eye is on the Sparrow cuz it's my dad's favorite.

3) Accompanying. Since basically everyone at the music festival told me to play along/listen to stuff that's what I'm gonna do. Half of that time will be actually learning the actual accompaniment licks and the other half will be just playing along to songs I already know or can pick up pretty fast.

Well that's it for this month! This Sunday, I have a chance to play and accompany at another church so that should be fun! Have a great month! What are your music goals?

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