Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Pianist Spotlight: Tim Parton

Tim Parton is one of my newest favorite pianists. I don't exactly remember how I found Tim Parton, but I loved his arrangements at first "sound". He's very, very technically proficient (Flight of the Bumblebee anyone?), but he always makes it fun! Tim recently resigned from the Jim Brady Trio, and he has played for Legacy Five, Gold City, and Liberty Quartet. I love watching random Gaither videos and suddenly realizing that Tim is playing the piano!

I love Tim Parton's music because he has the TOUCH. It's hard to explain, but I'll try. My old piano teacher always talked to me about being gentle. He said if I could get a more gentle touch, even my loud songs would sound better. I still struggle with this, but I think I'm making progress! Tim Parton takes this touch to a whole new level. It causes anything he plays to become pure gold!

I love Gospel Boogie and the fact that Tim Parton plays it! It's not a song you see everyone playing these days, although the Mark Trammell Quartet sings an awesome version! Side note: Lee Roy Abernathy, who wrote that song, did a correspondence gospel music course that my great-grandparents took! In fact, my grandma still has some of the lessons!

Tim also makes his songs fun! They always have some little lick, extra song, or rhythm pattern that makes me smile! His music always, always makes me so happy (which is the name of his album that I plan to get soon).

Unfortunately, I did not get to meet Tim Parton at that festival whose name that I don't want to type anymore in Phoenix. I am planning to get his So Happy album soon! Thanks for brightening my day, Tim!

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