Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Piano Advice from the Best

As promised, here is my post about who I got to meet at the Southwest Southern Gospel Music Festival! (Why is that name so long?!) As I met pianists, I asked most of them the same question, "What is one thing I can practice to be a good Southern Gospel pianist someday?" Through this question, I was able to make so many questions and to get awesome advice!

I was able to have a great conversation with Wayne Haun, prolific producer and arranger. He was so nice and really took the time to have a conversation with me. For one thing, he told me what his brass teacher told him: "Don't go to the instrument. Take the instrument to you!" I've been thinking about that a lot lately because sometimes I have confidence issues and need to remember that "I OWN THIS!" He also told me to accompany and to play anytime I can because the more I play in front of people, the fewer nerves I'll have. He said that a good accompanist has to make people comfortable. Sometimes you follow them; sometimes you're the metronome, kind of like walking a dog! These tidbits keep rolling around in my head, and I keep thinking of ways to apply them. Thanks so much for your sharing your wisdom Wayne! (That sounds like a good segment for your radio show Wisdom With Wayne)

Tyler Vestal was introduced to me by some friends of mine who work the EHSS booth sometimes, so that was cool. We had a great conversation, and he told me that he sees the most growth in his playing when he learns and sight reads challenging pieces. He also told me to just get to know my way around the keyboard. It was awesome meeting him!

My EHSS friends also introduce me to Dustin Doyle which was so awesome! Dustin was so nice and easy to talk to. (He is really, really tall...)

When I talked to Gerald Wolfe of Greater Vision, he said that he learned to play by listening to records with Lari Goss accompanying and playing the songs over and over until he could play along exactly.

Trey Ivey told me that it was important to listen to the Southern Gospel so that I could get the style down and to play along, which is great because that's what I already do!!

Finally, I got to meet Kim Collingsworth! She was so, so nice. That's one thing I love about Kim Collingsworth and all of these musicians. They are so sincere and really want to help! I told Kim that I would love to be a full-time Southern Gospel pianist. She told me to keep going and to pray, pray, pray! She reminded me that if it's not in God's will to run a million miles away! She encouraged me so much.

(I also got to ask her about the interesting key changes in the CFam arrangements. She told me that she got bored and decided to change them up)

From "Play, play, play," to "Pray, pray, pray," I got so much good advice and encouragement last week! I can't wait to apply these lessons and to grow these friendships. Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to talk and share with me. You all were a great blessing!

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  1. You met Kim Collingsworth?! (Sorry, but that's the only name I know. ;)) That's awesome! :D


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