Monday, March 14, 2016

YouTube Gem (Or not?): I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up

No not the Life Alert commercial.

Well, here it is, my first "lazy" post. Or what happens when I watch too much GaitherVEVO on YouTube. That wonderful channel puts out all the new music videos and some ones from old homecomings or kids TV shows, like the Homecoming Kids. The Homecoming Kids was before my time, buy my siblings and I did enjoy ALL the episodes of Gaither's Pond. (There's like what, 5?) But more on that later.

So brace yourself for this wonderfully 90s clip from the Homecoming Kids, starring very young Amber Nelon Thompson and Madison Easter (only kids I recognized), not so young but still somewhat groovy Vestal Goodman and George Younce, a ridiculously catchy song, and 90s hip-hop moves. Cringe away. Oh and don't forget the denim.

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