Tuesday, April 26, 2016

April/May Music Goals

So due to a very busy April and getting ready for my graduation concert, I just sort of practiced my March music goals for April! Now that April's almost over, and I'll be out of town this week (stay tuned for that post next week!), I'm just going to choose some goals for May. But first of all here's how I did on my March goals:

1) Learn new songs. Pretty good. I modified some of them, but at this point in my musical "journey", I don't really see a problem with that. Oh and I did learn Music Box Dancer and performed it in my graduation concert because it's my teacher's favorite.

2) Arranging. I did pretty well on my arrangements. In fact, I played all three of them in my graduation concert! Here's Joshua Fit the Battle:

3) Accompanying. Going pretty well. I spend 15 minutes just playing along to songs I already know or just trying to accompany others by ear. Then I spend 15 minutes actually learning an accompaniment. In the past few weeks, I've done He's Still in the Fire by the Speer Family, Spend a Little Time with Jesus in Prayer by the Mylon Hayes Family and am currently solidifying Will You Go by the Erwins.

Now on to May's goals:

1) New songs. Well, I was going to learn Pink Panther, but I basically did that in like 2 sessions. I'm going to try to find another fun song to learn.

2) Sight reading with a metronome. Okay, I wasn't born yesterday. I know this is how you're supposed to sight read but it's not as fun so I didn't do it for a while. But now I'm purposely reading to a metronome. It actually makes songs easier, especially in cut time. *cries in the corner cuz cut time is horrible to read*

3) Accompanying. I'm going to keep doing my routine from March. So see above :)

4) Arranging. This month is May the Circle Be Unbroken which is basically almost done, Near the Cross which is easy because it's slow, Family of God because I love this song, and *drum roll* Wonderful Time Up There otherwise known as Gospel Boogie!!! I can't wait for that one to come together. It's gonna be so much fun!

5) And for technique, I'm gonna start working on octave scales and runs, particularly in my right hand because those are a weak point for me.

6) And finally, I'm starting to work on shape note singing in preparation for Stamps-Baxter this summer. I'm sticking to songs I know the melody to right now so that I can just read the note names without worrying about the pitch. Personally, I prefer naming pitches by number rather than shape or word (do, re, mi....), and I think it works out better in the long run for musicians. However, it will be cool to shape sing once I master it!

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