Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Down At Gaither's Pond

A long, long time ago, my family had a tradition. Every Saturday morning, we kids would get up and watch the "Bible channel" (TBN) which had Christian cartoons on all morning. They would show classics like Davey and Goliath along with newer shows like Auto-B-Good. But the show I want to focus on today is Gaither's Pond, that classic of Southern Gospel entertainment that ran from 1997-2003. (I actually didn't watch the show until at least 2005.)

This is not the first Gaither kids TV show. Some other are the Homecoming Kids, Wobots, and Dorbees. However, I only had the pleasure of Gaither's Pond as a child.

I have great, great memories of Gaither's Pond. I loved when they did songs, and I loved Carp Lowry. I also enjoyed how all the creatures looked like their human counterparts. In fact, I still have fun today re-watching episodes just to see who's in them! The only really downside of this show is that there's only a few episodes and the animation just looks really off. At least to me. Here's some clips:

That Bill Gaither fish tho... and Gloria Gladiola what? Ernie Frogboy and Jeff the Easter Bunny XD It's actually a pretty catchy theme song, and they all are pretty recognizable except for David Phelp's fish who doesn't really look like him.

I really like this song, and that frog kind of looks like George Younce. The Rumomill sequence is kind of weird and what's with the back-up chorus?

I love Mark Lowry, and I'm just amazed on how much they got Carp Lowry to look like him! And Jessy Dixon the orange frog who's awesome, and the Guy Penrod the fish!

Actually, they had one episode I now appreciate about the "movers and shakers" like Jessy Dixon who were stirring things up, and the animals who didn't like that. It's really cool that they were teaching kids that just because someone does gospel music different than it's normally done it's not necessarily bad. (Necessarily being the key word. You obviously need to evaluate stuff by the Bible before making judgment)

Anyway, this was a really cool show that was a big part of my childhood. Have any of you seen it?

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