Monday, April 18, 2016

Happy 18 Birthdays to Me

Today is my birthday woot woot! I'm legal in the US now!! Yesterday, I graduated high school which was fun. (I'm actually writing this before it happens so I'm assuming I'll think it was fun #TimeTravel (It was)) Anyway, Naomi had a really cool idea for her birthday post that was basically a rundown of all her birthdays. So I stole borrowed it because that's what we do with cool ideas XD

I'm assuming this is me XD
0th birthday - Umm I was in a tiny, warm bubble and my dad was watching the NFL Draft and Peyton Manning was drafted. Then I came into the big, wide world, and someone slapped me, and I started crying.

1st birthday - Ya know, I have no idea what happened. I probably smashed my face in cake because that's what happens on first birthdays.

2nd birthday - I think this was the one when all the family friends came over. It was Pooh Bear themed, and I have no memory of it.

3rd - I have a random vivid memory of walking into our laundry room/office (ikr that's a weird combo) and seeing Barney banners and stuff. I assume that was my third birthday because I actually remember it. I loved Barney as a kid.

4th - Oh, this birthday was fun. First off, we went to a gymnastics center by my house that had a huge play set. Secondly, they had a ball pit. Thirdly, I had a cool butterfly cake. Coolness all around.

5th - This party was at the church/school. I feel like it was supposed to be outside because of the playground, but it was probably raining so we did it inside the lunch room. I got some sweet presents though, including some Sweet Streets sets that I literally played with for like six years.

I don't remember this, but it's dated the same as the other sixth birthday pics.
6th - This was another good one. The day before we celebrated, I went to the library and (apparently) rode ponies. But I mostly remember 1) a dude balancing a broom on his finger, and 2) learning the word "siesta" and thinking it meant "fiesta" Then I had a sleepover with like four friends and watched the Sound of Music #goals. Yeah, that was back when I had friends who lived near me XD

Oh my gosh. That leotard was so comfortable!

7th - I was into all things ballet and princess at this point so yeah. That's what went down.

Look at my brother's face...
8th- I had my best friend come over and for some reason we wore dresses. That's also the birthday when my dad let us walk around the neighborhood looking for friends and we ended up in a stranger's garage with her three year old who didn't speak English...

9th - This was the start of my fairy obsession... I also got a like educational notebook that you could put interactive books in (which I completely forgot about!!!!) so that was cool.

10th - for some reason I was now into horses even though I was scared of them. We had it at the Olympic park which had monkey bars and stuff so we called it that. Then I got my first Lego set. *insert hands raised emoji*

11th - Ya know, I think this was the birthday I got so much Webkinz merch(andise) that I never used XD

12th - Because this was kind of between best friends, I think I just had a family birthday with hot dogs and macaroni. I got a chess set too. #nerd

13th  - Park routine again. Can you tell we like parks?

14th - What do you know, another family party outside. I obviously get more boring the older I get. XD
This is five or six. I don't remember. Probably six.
15th - Ohhhh this is when my friend I hadn't seen in FOREVER (a year) came over and we played hide and go seek at church. And I entered the Internet! Yay for Twitter! (2,000+ Tweets baby!)

16th - At first, I just had a family party, BUT in the summer we went to Knotts Berry Farm, an amusement park in California, with my cousins. That was fun!

17th - Last year, I had just got back from California and was exhausted, so we just went to a used bookstore XD

18th - Well, I sort of had a huge party with friends because of my graduation which was awesome because I hadn't seen some of them in a long time. You know, I have a lot of friends, but I only "see" most of them through text or blogs (like you!). So it was cool to see a lot of them! Today, I'm going to check out computers, watch the Avengers (cuz we just got VidAngel, Eva!), and just chill out cuz I'm skipping school which starts in like 10 minutes. (Also, I got in the Under 301 Club last night on a Blimey Cow video so that's like the coolest thing ever!!!!)

Well, I hope you enjoyed a look at my whole entire life!! Which was your favorite birthday which is a weird question but I'm gonna ask it!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Eighteen. That sounds Very Grown Up. :-)

    LOVED this... you're the cutest little girl, just sayin'. (And I think my second birthday was Winnie the Pooh themed too. :-P) I like your American Girls present. :-)

    Ohhh, AND you graduated! What celebrations. Congratulations!

    ~ Naomi

    1. Thanksss! I know right!!

      Aww thanks. Winnie the Pooh for the win!

      Thanks so much, Naomi!

  2. What a fun post! Loved it. :)

    (And yay for VidAngel - I've watched tons of movies on there that I never would've been able to without it.)

    1. Oops. I forgot to actually say 'happy birthday'. Soooo....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! (You're only about five months older than me, which is cool. In my opinion.)

    2. Thanks Eva! VidAngel has been pretty awesome! That is *way* cool!

  3. Happppppy BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! Wow, 18!!! Cool, now can I bribe you to buy me some spray paint? I'm just kidding... That birthday at a bookstore sounds pretty legit to me. (-:

    1. Thank you so much!! hahahahahah why not ;)

  4. Happy belated birthday! Welcome to the world of adulthood.

    What did you think of The Avengers??????????

    1. Thank you!!! I'm glad to be here (and am totally not freaking out about it).... Well, I liked the characters, but it was a little violent for my family, even with the filters. I hope to watch some more Marvel movies soon to get a feel for the franchise as a whole!

    2. Adulthood, it turns out, is just slightly more boring than childhood, and for the most part, much less scary than anticipated. That was my feeling, anyway.

      And gotcha. Did you have any favorite characters?

    3. I liked Captain America cuz 'Murica, and Tony Stark was very interesting and funny, although annoying. I also really enjoyed Bruce Banner's story. It was just cool to see them all interact!

    4. Cap's my 2nd-fave <3 And Tony and Bruce kind of tie for 3rd, hee. Then Hawkeye and Natasha and Agent Coulson tie for 4th...

      I actually saw The Avengers before any of the stand-alone movies, so for me, it was super fun to see their separate movies and get to know them better after falling in love with them all during The Avengers :-)

  5. Happy birthday dear! I am pleased to see your photos from childhood birthday parties. Hope you had a fun time on this birthday too. My niece is turning 16 next month and wants to throw a grand party. Looking for a nice party venue NYC for her birthday bash.

    1. Thank you! I'm sure she'll have fun!!


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