Tuesday, May 3, 2016

April in Review // That Was Fast

Saturday night, I was sitting in a hotel room after a exhausting yet awesome week when I realized that, being past midnight, it was already May. WHAT EVEN FOLKS Yeah, that was fast!!! Also, this will have a lot of run-ons...

So obviously April flew by, but in a good way. There was fun stuff going on every week!

Hanging with the astronaut mascot dude at youth conference
Let's see, first of all there was youth conference which my brother, a friend, and I attended with another church in the area in a van affectionately called the Swagon. That was ridiculously fun, even though it rained at the amusement park. I actually got more wet on the "regular" rides than the water ones! And then I made some great friends with kids in the youth group, found a gymnastics buddy, and got to see almost everyone I wanted to from music camp at the same college!

Funny story from youth conference: So there's this guy who all of the people in our group knew and he was walking around all day with a girl so we were all like "oooohhhhh" but then we learned that she was his cousin... That actually happened, guys!

My music skirt for my graduation

(Oh, and I got Snapchat so add me: amperh)

Then, there was my graduation concert which was a smashing success! I got to see a lot of old friends and I had beans and nachos and got cool gifts so WIN. Also, I hate that whole graduation tassel because it like swings everywhere and NO ONE WARNS YOU. Ahem

Oh and then I had a birthday and I wasn't so sure how I would like 18. Even numbers and everything. But it's been pretty great so far! I mean I'm actually an adult now, and I've already done "adult" things. I mean today, I even helped a five year old through a bloody nose! (so. much. blood.) Anyway, I got Star Wars: The Force Awakens for my birthday, along with a new computer (soon to come), an awesome shirt, a new ZOX, and a cool treasure hunt that led me to last week!

My new Valley of the Sun Wristband
Last week, some friends invited me to help them at a southern gospel festival about 10 hours away. Of course, I jumped at the chance to hang around my dream job! I had a great time, and I learned so, so much. Like how to tear the receipt out of the credit card machine with out flinging the roll of paper across the table which may have happened twice. And how to promote a golf tournament. And how to eat In-N-Out at 12:30 at night! So yeah. I hung out with some amazing people that do what I want to do and made a lot of new friends! And that, folks, happens to be why my motivation is at a low right now... Have you ever just come from a great experience with something you want to do so badly, but then you come back to reality and have to do reality stuff so you're motivation takes a dip? I know it will pass, but I just hope it passes in the next 12 hours...

FINALLY playing the piano loudly after the event

Oh, and a MOVING UPDATE: We are moving to Nashville, Tennessee, AKA Music City, USA. Which is a total God-thing for me personally, but more about that later. Our house closes May 31 so I have a lot, and I mean a lot, to do in the next 29 days. Or however many days until we move.

Well, that's April. I didn't get a lot of reading done, even though I had quite a few car rides. The books I did finish were awesome though! And I got to get a lot of the newer books on my to-read list read! May is not starting out too much better for reading, but because I'm ahead of schedule, I'm pretty okay with it :)

Looking forward:
Finishing high school: NEXT WEEK!!
Moving: Sometime this month
Music camp: July 10-22 (woot woot)


  1. Happy birthday, congrats on your graduation, and good luck with the move!

  2. Sounds like a fun month. ;) Best wishes and God bless with your move!

  3. Love that skirt! Where'd you get it? Awesome! Congrats on adulthood and graduating! P.S. I LOVE your blog posts, I just always forget to comment. :)

    1. Aww thanks. I actually saw it here: http://www.chicwish.com/dance-with-music-notes-pleated-midi-skirt.html but my friend's grandmother made me one out of a similar fabric. Thanks so much!!!


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