Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Quote Tag

First off, I'll probably put up the Question and Answer Blogaversary post in like 2 weeks with moving and stuff so be sure to get your questions in if you have any either in this comment section or THIS ONE Thanks!!!

Faith at Stories by Firefly has tagged me with the 3 Day Quote Tag! Yay! Thanks Faith! Instead of doing 3 days, I'm just going to try to put nine quotes in this post :) Let's get started! Oh and I tried to stay away from Tweets and Tumblr posts for most of this cuz that's a whole other topic!

My mom sent me this today. I've come across some great people lately who don't believe exactly the way I do in non-essentials, but we all know Jesus and THAT's the important part!!!

I don't really know why I like this cuz I have big dreams but I wouldn't say they're impossible but it's a fun quote!

That one makes me laugh :D

Blogging and social media have really taught me this next one in the past few years!

So. Much. Yes. EVERYTHING you do, from serving Jesus to school to writing to music, EVERYTHING can be fun. Sure, there's hard parts of everything but there's always a little glimmer of fun. (Even if that means repeating your favorite Tumblr post in your head over and over)

There are two types of good friends: those based on experiences and those based on shared interests. Both are so special to me, but it's so great when you find people (like you all reading this) who like the same things as you!!!

THIS. I actually needed to be reminded of this quote! Sure, I can get away with being a sloppy pianist. Especially a sloppy gospel pianist, but I can do better than that. For Pete's sake, I have God's help!!!


Booya!! Girl powa!!!!:

Cuz why not?

Thanks so much Faith! This was so fun!

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  1. All great quotes! Haha, I love that one by Groucho Marx. XD Thanks for doing the tag, Ashley! :D


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