Saturday, June 25, 2016

How Do You Know When Summer Has Arrived?

So I wrote this post when I had first started my blog 2 years ago!!! I meant to put it up last summer, but didn't so here you are :D

A guide to knowing the symptoms of Summer:

A pile of clothes in the corner of every room from people changing in and out of swimwear

Being in the pool by 8:30 A.M.

Staying up later and getting up earlier than during school! (Like this doesn't even make sense!)

Moving all the swimwear out of the bathtub before you take a shower

OR forgetting to check for swimwear and ending up with a mass of soppy clothes

Rosy cheeks and looking like you have no hairline because the sun bleached it

Time to do/learn extra stuff

Air conditioning = your best friend

Getting up early to work out so it's not too hot

Living in your swimwear (basically air conditioning if it's wet)

Tan lines from your sandals, watches, sunglasses, and swimsuits


When you go outside at night and it's still hot! (Is that just a Phoenix thing?)


Making a dent in your TBR list

Not knowing what day of the week it is

Conscientiously shunning the thought of school from your thoughts

Cold water? What's that? (Definitely just a Phoenix thing. I have cold water in Nashville guys! And it's almost July!!)

Netflix and reading marathons occur regularly

Ice cream every night


More blog posts. Supposedly. HAHAHA

Gymnastics championships!!!

The Fourth of July!


Friday, June 17, 2016

Polly! Or Pollyanna if Pollyanna was a musical set in the South and dealt with racial relations...

PSA: Blogger's being weird and 1) not letting me add pictures to the top of this and 2) threatening to wreak havoc on this post so I'm just going to press publish and hope for the best! Sorry!

So this movie is sort of what it sounds like from the title but I promise it's better than you think it's gonna be!.(I mean I think it's better because I don't really like the Pollyanna with Hayley Mills) It's a Disney movie starring Rudy from the Cosby Show AND Mrs. Huxtable from the Cosby Show. Dabness from the Cosby Show and Vanessa from the Cosby Show's other boyfriend come in too. So basically it's a Cosby Show reunion!!!!

Anywho, the plot of Pollyanna, which this movie is based on, is pretty familiar. Happy girl comes and spreads happiness to every other miserable person in the miserable town run by a miserable aunt. And she reunites the miserable aunt with a not-so-miserable doctor. And we got prisms and old ladies who want coffins and a bazaar and cute 10 year old boys named Jimmy Bean and you-know-who meets Nancy behind the carriage house. Oh and pastors who let other people write their sermons!!!! (as a PK that's just like no. stop. please.)

So that's still the plot of Polly! EXCEPT because it's set in the American south of the 1960s, it also focuses a little on reuniting the two sides of the town, the white side and the black side. This makes for a different spin on a familiar story that's very enjoyable.

However, all these things are wonderful and good and so on, but the real thing is that this is a MUSICAL!!!!! So of course it's my favorite version! Now, some of the songs are horrid and have "wonderful" lip-syncing jobs, but a lot are catchy and dance-y and black gospel which is so amazing!!

Doctor Shannon and Polly sort of galvanize the town into actually doing stuff for itself, such as raising money for an orphanage and choosing to teach music and to write their own sermons. These sermons basically turn into giant Praise The Lord Jump and Shout Parties which is fine by me! That's actually one of my favorite song sequences. The other is Sweet Little Angel Eyes which involves a lot of tap dancing on a street corner after church. I also like Shine A Light because it is so stinkin' true and it has bluesy piano which is always a plus...

Umm the end of this movie is sort of confusing because the time changes without any visible scene cuts. But it's a sweet ending, so yeah. I love how the town helps Polly after the spoilery thingy that everyone who's seen Pollyanna knows because that shows that just because you help other people and make them happy doesn't mean you don't need help sometimes!

There IS a sequel to this movie called Polly Comin' Home, but I have yet to see it! Some of you would really enjoy this, some of you probably would not, but if you like musicals, the Cosby show, and the story of Pollyanna, check this out!

Friday, June 10, 2016

The Answer/Anniversary Post!

Pic via

Here is the long put-off but still very fun anniversary answer post! Before we get into the answers, I just want to say a big thanks to all of you still reading at A to Z. I'm still amazed that my page views are going up!! I haven't been the most social blogger recently, but I truly appreciate all of your comments! I really love this blog and I'm excited about its future! Thank you all!!!

Now onto the questions!

From Naomi

1. What was your first 'fandom'? Oh this is a good one. Probably Little Einsteins or American Girl. Little Einsteins was my favorite show as a kid, and the American Girl books encompassed so many time periods it was just awesome! I was a big MacGyver fan for a while too. My first "real" fandom when I had an understanding of "fandom" was probably Leverage.

2. Do you have a middle name? Yes. It's Marie and it was only used if I was in a trouble as a kid XD

3. Have you ever read two books in one day? I think I knocked out multiple Nancy Drew's in a day, and the American Girl books were always quick reads.

4. What accent is your favourite to mimic? I'm so not a good accent person, but I tend to accidentally mimic whatever accent I'm around. So lately I've been around people with southern accents so that's what I'm trying not to mimc because I don't want to seem like I'm mocking people even if I kinda am... But it is pretty fun!

5. Has a stranger ever told you something weird? The most contact I've had with strangers was when I helped sell merchandise for a singing group a few months ago. People would just come up and tell their life story and you're just like smile and nod (unless it's sad then don't smile) I was with some friends also from Phoenix and this guy came up and started talking about California's former governors and how he didn't like them. Then, when he realized we were from Arizona, he said that he loved our governor. I was confused because our current governor hasn't really done anything BIG, but he was talking about our former governor so it was just weird XD

From Faith
I think this was my original header
Why did you start a blog? I started it to work on my writing, to motivate myself to read, and to make friends! I've made a lot of friends, and until recently, I was very motivated to read, but I'm not sure how well the writing part has gone :P 

What's your favorite part of blogging? I love having an outlet to write whatever I want basically. And it's so much fun to see all the creativity in the blogosphere!

Abeka has some pretty good covers tbh

Worst book you ever read? Oooh this is a good question. To be honest, if it's bad I guess I don't finish it, so it would have to have been a school book. The Scarlet Letter, while not bad, was pretty boring, and I don't want to read it for a verrrryyyy long time!

Favorite social media? TWITTER. I have more "real life" friends on Instagram, but Twitter is just so much fun for me. I get my news fast, I get a lot of laughs, and when people interact with my tweets it's just gold!!! It's basically my journal too. (I tweet a lot...) (Also, interact with Blimey Cow on Twitter cuz they're really cool and reply) So follow me HERE!!!

Thanks so much for your questions guys!!! And for reading and commenting for the past 2 years!!!!
I love y'all!!

Saturday, June 4, 2016

May In Review: I SURVIVED

Well, I woke up May 1 in California and June 1 in Nashville and a whole lot happened in between!

Oh, and I have 10 questions for my question post which I'll be filling out this week so if you have any burning questions to ask me, you can ask them in the comments of THIS post!!!

School wrapped up with the usual end of school shenanigans such as a surprise zoo trip (!!!!), hide and go seek in the dark, lots of slushie runs, and the like. My senior year has probably been the best school year I've ever had!

Cuz this applies to both

Reading was... ahem.. lackluster. I am still a few books ahead, and the friends we're staying with have a lot of middle grade books that I've always wanted to read so hopefully I'll be getting more reviews up! (They have so many cool books tho!!!!)

We also packed up my whole house which went, um, how packing up one's house usually goes. There was a lot of bad packing tape, not a lot of good packing tape, a lot of lost packing tape, and just a lot of tape! However, it all fit in the moving truck!

And then we took a nice jaunt across the country. For those of you familiar with US geography, rather than going straight through Texas, we went down to El Paso which is near Mexico and then up the middle to San Antonio to visit family. On a 3 night trip, we spent THREE nights in Texas. In fact, we spent the last night ACROSS THE STREET from Arkansas.

But we're here in Nashville now, and we'll be moving into our house next week!! Still gotta get that whole driving permit/college thingy figured out, but I've really enjoyed these last few chillaxing days. Anyway, thanks y'all for your prayers!!

Looking forward:
College - idek