Saturday, June 25, 2016

How Do You Know When Summer Has Arrived?

So I wrote this post when I had first started my blog 2 years ago!!! I meant to put it up last summer, but didn't so here you are :D

A guide to knowing the symptoms of Summer:

A pile of clothes in the corner of every room from people changing in and out of swimwear

Being in the pool by 8:30 A.M.

Staying up later and getting up earlier than during school! (Like this doesn't even make sense!)

Moving all the swimwear out of the bathtub before you take a shower

OR forgetting to check for swimwear and ending up with a mass of soppy clothes

Rosy cheeks and looking like you have no hairline because the sun bleached it

Time to do/learn extra stuff

Air conditioning = your best friend

Getting up early to work out so it's not too hot

Living in your swimwear (basically air conditioning if it's wet)

Tan lines from your sandals, watches, sunglasses, and swimsuits


When you go outside at night and it's still hot! (Is that just a Phoenix thing?)


Making a dent in your TBR list

Not knowing what day of the week it is

Conscientiously shunning the thought of school from your thoughts

Cold water? What's that? (Definitely just a Phoenix thing. I have cold water in Nashville guys! And it's almost July!!)

Netflix and reading marathons occur regularly

Ice cream every night


More blog posts. Supposedly. HAHAHA

Gymnastics championships!!!

The Fourth of July!



  1. Haha, this made me laugh. Hooray for summer!! XD

  2. and it;s cold wintery weather here.. great post though :D

  3. I started getting sandal tan lines over Spring Break XD.
    This is all so relatable though! Ugg, I will never remember to check for swimsuits in the shower... Now that I'm in OR I'm going to add 1) beach trips and 2) shopping at farmers markets, to my list of signs that it's summer. Have an amazing summer in Nashville! Is it a lot cooler there?
    <3 Lizzy



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