Saturday, June 4, 2016

May In Review: I SURVIVED

Well, I woke up May 1 in California and June 1 in Nashville and a whole lot happened in between!

Oh, and I have 10 questions for my question post which I'll be filling out this week so if you have any burning questions to ask me, you can ask them in the comments of THIS post!!!

School wrapped up with the usual end of school shenanigans such as a surprise zoo trip (!!!!), hide and go seek in the dark, lots of slushie runs, and the like. My senior year has probably been the best school year I've ever had!

Cuz this applies to both

Reading was... ahem.. lackluster. I am still a few books ahead, and the friends we're staying with have a lot of middle grade books that I've always wanted to read so hopefully I'll be getting more reviews up! (They have so many cool books tho!!!!)

We also packed up my whole house which went, um, how packing up one's house usually goes. There was a lot of bad packing tape, not a lot of good packing tape, a lot of lost packing tape, and just a lot of tape! However, it all fit in the moving truck!

And then we took a nice jaunt across the country. For those of you familiar with US geography, rather than going straight through Texas, we went down to El Paso which is near Mexico and then up the middle to San Antonio to visit family. On a 3 night trip, we spent THREE nights in Texas. In fact, we spent the last night ACROSS THE STREET from Arkansas.

But we're here in Nashville now, and we'll be moving into our house next week!! Still gotta get that whole driving permit/college thingy figured out, but I've really enjoyed these last few chillaxing days. Anyway, thanks y'all for your prayers!!

Looking forward:
College - idek


  1. Nice!!!! I'll be snapping you some things from uni hopefully :D (snapchat)

  2. So glad your move went well, Ashley!! =D Have fun in music city. ;)


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