Friday, June 10, 2016

The Answer/Anniversary Post!

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Here is the long put-off but still very fun anniversary answer post! Before we get into the answers, I just want to say a big thanks to all of you still reading at A to Z. I'm still amazed that my page views are going up!! I haven't been the most social blogger recently, but I truly appreciate all of your comments! I really love this blog and I'm excited about its future! Thank you all!!!

Now onto the questions!

From Naomi

1. What was your first 'fandom'? Oh this is a good one. Probably Little Einsteins or American Girl. Little Einsteins was my favorite show as a kid, and the American Girl books encompassed so many time periods it was just awesome! I was a big MacGyver fan for a while too. My first "real" fandom when I had an understanding of "fandom" was probably Leverage.

2. Do you have a middle name? Yes. It's Marie and it was only used if I was in a trouble as a kid XD

3. Have you ever read two books in one day? I think I knocked out multiple Nancy Drew's in a day, and the American Girl books were always quick reads.

4. What accent is your favourite to mimic? I'm so not a good accent person, but I tend to accidentally mimic whatever accent I'm around. So lately I've been around people with southern accents so that's what I'm trying not to mimc because I don't want to seem like I'm mocking people even if I kinda am... But it is pretty fun!

5. Has a stranger ever told you something weird? The most contact I've had with strangers was when I helped sell merchandise for a singing group a few months ago. People would just come up and tell their life story and you're just like smile and nod (unless it's sad then don't smile) I was with some friends also from Phoenix and this guy came up and started talking about California's former governors and how he didn't like them. Then, when he realized we were from Arizona, he said that he loved our governor. I was confused because our current governor hasn't really done anything BIG, but he was talking about our former governor so it was just weird XD

From Faith
I think this was my original header
Why did you start a blog? I started it to work on my writing, to motivate myself to read, and to make friends! I've made a lot of friends, and until recently, I was very motivated to read, but I'm not sure how well the writing part has gone :P 

What's your favorite part of blogging? I love having an outlet to write whatever I want basically. And it's so much fun to see all the creativity in the blogosphere!

Abeka has some pretty good covers tbh

Worst book you ever read? Oooh this is a good question. To be honest, if it's bad I guess I don't finish it, so it would have to have been a school book. The Scarlet Letter, while not bad, was pretty boring, and I don't want to read it for a verrrryyyy long time!

Favorite social media? TWITTER. I have more "real life" friends on Instagram, but Twitter is just so much fun for me. I get my news fast, I get a lot of laughs, and when people interact with my tweets it's just gold!!! It's basically my journal too. (I tweet a lot...) (Also, interact with Blimey Cow on Twitter cuz they're really cool and reply) So follow me HERE!!!

Thanks so much for your questions guys!!! And for reading and commenting for the past 2 years!!!!
I love y'all!!

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  1. I enjoyed reading your Q&A, Ashley! Congrats on two years!! :D


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