Friday, July 8, 2016

Book Classification Ancient Essay from the 11th Grade

Because I haven't been reading/watching much lately, and I don't think you'd be very interested in my thoughts on a documentary on Mitt Romney (which was actually great), I dug this out of my drafts.

It's an essay I wrote 2 years ago for school about book classifications. I added my current commentary to my 16/17 year old self in (). So have fun!!! Also, there may not be a blog post for the next 2 weeks because I'm going to my southern gospel music school woot woot!!! So don't have too much fun while I'm gone!


Everyone knows the basic categories of books: mystery, historical fiction, classic, juvenile, fantasy, and so on. But did you know that there is a separate key for books based on how you read them? You didn’t! Well here’s Ashley's Non-exhaustive Guide to Types of Books by How They’re Read, or NEGTTOBBHTR for short, NGTBHTR for shorter, and Guide for shortest :P (Obviously I added that when I originally put this in my blog drafts. Don't write papers with :P kids)

First up, the book that you can’t put down, and if you have to put it down, you can’t stop thinking about it. This book captures your attention constantly. You may have lost sleep over this book. It’s a wonderful story, that possibly has you crying at the end. It probably becomes one of your favorite books! (Weird commas tho)

Secondly, the book that you have to digest in small pieces. You just can’t read this book for too long. This could be because it has so many grains of truth that you need to digest them, or it could be because it’s so boring! Also, this could come from a highly educational book that is so chock full of information you go into overdrive! (You couldn't phrase this paragraph any better?)

Another book type is the normal book. The one you read normally, at normal times and normal rates. Perhaps a chapter at a time. You are not obsessed by it, but you keep coming back to it. (Why is this in here? Did they give you a minimum number of categories? It literally has no purpose)

Then, we have the picking book. This is the book that you open up at random places and read a few sentences of and smile because of the memories brought back! Maybe it’s a book of short stories, or just a chapter book you remember from your childhood! (You couldn't think of a better word than "picking"?!? smh)

cool gif
Also, there is the book that you know you should read and want to, but it’s so hard to get through! You have to make yourself sit down and read it! But when you finish, you feel like a champion! (Meh could have described that better...)

Finally, we have the snoozer, the book you own for the sole purpose of going to sleep! (And that's all ya got with that. No examples, no nothing?)

Although this list is not exhaustive, it gives a good idea of the types of books that are out there. The interesting thing about reading is that the same book can be a different category for each person! (This is true, but why oh why didn't you give examples?! Were you really that uncreative?!? Oh well, at least my writing has improved. I hope)

Well, hope you enjoyed or at least laughed at that XD Adios y'all! (That's my new catchphrase I'm trying out)

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  1. I like this post. ;-) My favourite is the book you can't put down, duh.
    Have fun at the Southern Gospel Music school! :-) Dazzle them all with your talent. ;-)


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