Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Stamps Baxter 2016: AKA 2 of the Best Weeks of my Life!!!

Well, that was fun! I just got back from 2 weeks spent at a southern gospel music school, and it was even better than I could have imagined! I made so many new friends, and learned a lot too! For example:

Having no accent is basically having an accent "Oh, you're from Tennessee!" "Well, she's originally from Phoenix. That's why there's no accent!"

Also, when people tell you to put the "Arizona" back in your voice...

I haven't gotten to hang around people in my own age group AND with similar interests in a looooonnggg time, so these past two weeks were amazing!

When the squad takes on Nashville...<3 td="">
I've heard that the friends you make in college are the ones who stay with you all your life. And I think the friends I've made these past few weeks will be the ones I connect with for a while. Or at least I hope so! And ya know, trying to keep a Snapchat streak sorta helps with that ;)

It's so weird to think that in like 10 years, I could be performing many of the people I just spent 2 weeks with! That's one of the craziest things I can think of!!!!

God is ALWAYS moving! One of my friends, in fact, the girl who was supposed to be my roommate (long story) got saved at camp! And she wasn't even supposed to be there!

Who needs college when singing school can teach you all the theory you'll ever need to know!

Trying to fit stuff you could practice for a week into ONLY 2 hours is exhausting and will make you hate life until you walk to the cafeteria.


Man alive can those southern boys play their piano!!! Here's a link if the video doesn't work!

Conversations after lights out go ALL OVER THE PLACE!!!! (And no, I totally don't know this from experience because I was ALWAYS in bed by lights out and definitely didn't have to survive the second week on six hours a night!)

Snapchatting makes uber long rehearsals better!

Pardon the horrible quality of my front camera...
The country seems so much smaller over here, guys!! Like I'm between 3 and 10 hours from most of the friends I made, and I can think of like 3 events where I'll get to see at least some of them!

Don't take 8AM college classes! #CodysWordsOfWisdom (But I actually have to so boo)

Steinway pianos aren't my favorite but transitioning from playing one EVERYDAY to playing my Yamaha keyboard is gonna take some work!

Probably one of the best selfies I've ever taken with THE BEST choir director
and a photobomb by the best guy and girl from Minnesota I know XD

"Picking" (aka improv) with other musicians is kinda stressful but really, really fun! (Like Top 10 Musical Experiences of My Life fun!)

I probably had 5 Top 10 Musical Experiences of My Life in the last two weeks...

Affirmation from your family and long-time friends means a lot, but when people you've only known for 2 weeks believe in you and like your music and tell you that you "beasted" it, that means soooo much! And then when people you look up to and respect tell you that they think you can do what you've always wanted to do, just ahhhhhhhhh!!!

When you can't get Chick Fil A, you order Papa Johns and PARTAY

So girls don't have falsetto, and boys get crazy range which is totally not fair!

Apparently there's a whole "sub-culture" of singing schools and singing conventions that I've missed out on my whole life!!!!! But not anymore folks! Tennessee State Singing Convention here I come!

Don't take the food you eat at home for granted! Even if it's not a five-star meal or "home-cooked" so to speak, IT'S STILL BETTER THAN COLLEGE CAFETERIA!!!! (Although they had the best grilled cheese, chocolate milk, and apple juice I've ever had....)

Most of my meals were this random...
When you're at a Southern Gospel school with a bunch pianists trying to play quick and easy duets, OF COURSE you're gonna play I'll Fly Away 500,000 times!!!

Finally, I'm NOT ready to be a Southern Gospel pianist. And that may sound discouraging, but to me it's awesome because I think God has given me the tools to get me to the point where I WILL BE ready! I don't know why really, but the fact that I'm not ready is kinda encouraging because it means I still have time to keep working and get better!

Don't scream at us cuz we're children of the king and we all failed the test!
Well, I hope you enjoyed that trip behind the scenes of my life the past two weeks! And if you're here from Stamps, welcome! Feel free to look around and leave a comment or two :)


  1. Definitely watch those videos I told you about and you will be ready in no time! ����

  2. I love this so much ❤

  3. Okay, that sounds like you had a BLAST. So happy you had a good time! :-)

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