Friday, August 5, 2016

So What's It Like In Springfield?

In lieu (I love that phrase actually) of a July recap because it was basically just music camp which you can read about HERE or a book post because I'm only just getting back into the reading swing of things, here's a list of thoughts I have about Springfield. Also, because I've lived here for exactly 2 months, I'm totally qualified to write about Springfield so everything I say is absolutely correct and my opinion will never change. Ever. (That was a sarcastic disclaimer FYI) (Oh yeah, and all of these pics are mine just FYI)

Panorama of downtown 

Here we go:

1. First off, it's hot BUT IT'S NOT 117 BLIMEY DEGREES HOT SO CHILL. Sorry, but here's a conversation either I have or overhear once a week:

Person: Oh you're from Phoenix? It's really hot there!

Perham: Yeah.

Person: But I mean it's hot here too! And we have humidity!

Perham member: *smiles and nods because we have given up explaining to people what I'm about to explain to you*

OKAY it's hot. And it's humid. Which is sometimes miserable. BUT you won't literally die if you go for a run outside!!! I'm pretty sure doing a run between 6:30 AM and 2:30 AM (you read that right) in Phoenix would put you in literal health danger, but although it's humid and you basically take a shower when you run, YOU DON'T DIE. Also, I've heard that in September it cools off! WHAT A CONCEPT!!!! XD

First day we were here

2. Guys, it's almost August and I haven't almost burned myself on a piece of hot metal what!!!! (It's really fun to tell people that we have to put hot pads on doors to open them in summer cuz then they just look at you like Really? and you're just like yes, the struggle was real!)

3. Humidity stinks. I know I just got done with that whole rant thing, but humidity is dumb. I try to remember if my hair wasn't frizzy in Phoenix but I don't know.


5. I also have COLD water from my sink. All my Phoenix peeps just take that in for a sec...

6. I've been to so many awesome southern gospel concerts here! Just ahhhh! Last week was the first week I hadn't seen a concert in over a month! It's so cool to be in the center of gospel music guys!

Old Hickory Lake Beach

7. Lakes are cool which I already knew but there's so many of them here!!!! And the one near me has this beach area that's so awesome!!!

8. Ummm people have natural bodies of water in their back yard. (NOT CANALS) I mean even we have a kinda creek that FILLS UP when it rains what?!

9. It rains like every other day, but it still hasn't lost its charm! It's actually about to rain right now! Sometimes it rains really hard but other times you can go on with your day without even knowing it's raining! In Phoenix, you immediately know it's raining cuz it sounds like it's gonna murder you and everybody's freaking out XD

10. We had a tornado warning yesterday. Long story, there was no tornado but the sirens went off! It's so weird that there are sirens somewhere close loud enough that the whole neighborhood can hear!!!! I hope I never hear them when it's really storming!

11. I haven't had a Polar Pop from Circle K in 2 months and that's the saddest thing about my life right now. Well-meaning friends try to recommend Sonic slushies or Icees BUT IT'S NOT THE SAME :(

Nashville skyline

12. This is what I'm now calling the 10/4 rule. Basically, in Phoenix, I could get to way more places in 10 minutes than I can here. I can think of like 8 shopping/restaurant complexes within 10 minutes of my house in Phoenix but there's only like 3 here. (That's not bad, ik. Just a comparison) Also, in Phoenix, when something was 5 miles away, it was gonna take you around 5 minutes to get there. Here, if something is 5 minutes away it could take 15 minutes to get there!

But back to the 10/4 rule. While there are more places within 10 minutes in Phoenix, there are more places within 4 hours here. I can get to Birmingham, Atlanta, Knoxville, Cincinnati, Louisville, St. Louis, Memphis, Indianapolis, and so many more big cities in around 4 hours!! I heard that 72 of America's most visited cities are a day's drive from Tennesse!! It's amazing! Howevs (like whatevs) if you travel 4 hours from Phoenix, you're either in the mountains, Las Vegas, or in the middle of nowhere in the desert XD

13. There's a lot more plant life here (no duh), but because there's so much of it, it's not as interesting I guess? Don't get me wrong! There are beautiful flowers and trees and my backyard is green rn what! But it's not as memorable as seeing a palo verde tree or cactus or palm tree or orange tree in the middle of the desert.
INSIDE at the Opryland Hotel.
Nashville doesn't actually look like this XD

14. Umm I see robins everyday. This sounds really stupid, but hang with me. Growing up, I read so many books that talked about robins and robins eggs, but I NEVER SAW ONE. So I have a mini (internal) freakout whenever I see one now. I guess I just thought they were mythical creatures for the first 18 years of my life XD

15. I'm having a bit of big city to small town culture shock. Don't get me wrong. Nashville is big and soooo beautiful, but you don't really see the city or feel like you're in it until you're there. Although I was about the same distance away from the actual city of Phoenix as I am from Nashville, I still felt like I lived in the city.

The capital building
16. Nashville is such a beautiful city. There's a beautiful park through the center, and the capital building is gorgeous! There's a river with a really pretty bridge, and it's very walkable! It's growing too! 85 people are moving here A DAY! Before I even knew we were moving, I had always wanted to move to Nashville if I ever had to move, and here I am! Sure there are hard things and a little bit of culture shock, but I really love the area! Someday, though I would like to move a little closer to all the action. But there's plenty of time for that!

The "Batman" building
17. Seriously, God has really helped me with this move. I've actually taken it pretty good emotionally, and I haven't had a real bad bout of "homesickness". I'm sure it's coming though. These supposedly "mild" winters are probably gonna kill me come January D: Overall it's been a great experience. I'm still growing my connections, but college will really help with that!

So how about you? Have you ever made a drastic move? How have you coped with "homesickness" and such? Are you a small town or big city person?


  1. I made a drastic move from my city to the mountains for a bit.. that was so lovely and cold! But we moved back :(

  2. Girl, I'm so glad that your move is going so well for you. I've lived in three different states (Alaska, Oregon, and Arizona) and seven different houses in my life, and every time I change towns (I'm a small town girl) I get really homesick. It may have to do with the fact that the small towns I've lived in are usually not very charming. XD Haha, people really don't get AZ heat, do they? AND WATER!!! (Muddy canal water does not count) I never realize how thirsty my eyes are until I get to a green, watery state. (-: Good luck with school! I can't wait to hear all about it.


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