Monday, September 19, 2016

It's Weird How...

It's weird (not) how I don't really feel like going through related GIFs/pics for this post so here's a pic of a waterfall from our Labor Day trip...

It's weird how I was supposed to post like 3 weeks ago and didn't...

It's weird how my, and it looks like a lot of my fellow bloggers', priorities have switched from blogging to other pursuits. Growing up I guess. Education and work (aka $$$) have to take priority for me for now. That means some fun things and even good things for my future, like practicing piano, get put on the back burner sometimes.

It's weird how getting paid to do something you love makes you feel awesome.

It's weird how sometimes I think of a place in Phoenix, and I can see the road, and I feel like I could just drive to it, but I can't. Or I'll see on social media that someone is in California, and I think, oh I'm not that far from them, but then I remember that oh yeah, that's on the opposite side of the country...

In that vein, it's weird how I LIVE here. If you've moved recently, tell me, did you ever feel kind of weird, like unbelieving that you actually live and belong in a place. I have a lot of roots here already, but sometimes it just feels like I'm watching my life from above, not that I'm actually in it?

It's weird how regularly talking to friends who live far away makes you so happy!

It's weird how much of a culture shock I have sometimes. I'm basically the same distance from Nashville that I was from Phoenix, but man, oh, man it does NOT feel that close. Also, especially in my city, customer service in restaurants and stores is not a big priority which is a BIG shock at times. It's just different. Not necessarily in a good or bad way, but it feels weird sometimes.

OUTSIDE Springfield, the food is pretty good...
Also, apparently that's dressing not stuffing
Ignore the carrots...
It's weird how my life is starting to disconnect from my family's. I guess that's a part of growing up too. I have a lot of interests and friends in different circles that take me outside my family's sphere. I guess it's also that way because my dad's work used to be the church and school, and so we all saw each other all day and all knew the same people, but now I see people every week who've never seen my parents and probably never will!

It's weird how in 4 years, I could literally move anywhere in this country, or the world?! Because of what I want to do with music, I probably won't move very far from here, but it is a cool thought!

It's weird having a friend who wants to be a funeral director and knowing more about funerals and that stuff than I probably should...

It's weird how a lot in my life works out last minute. God must know how much I like to have stuff planned out...

It's weird how Tennessee doesn't have good slushies and I miss slushies so much I could almost cry, but they do have Cookout, which is good, but not slushies :(

It's weird how God has shown me people who went through/are going through similar situations as I was. There's this guy in some of my classes who moved here in June (like me), couldn't get scholarships because of date deadlines (like me), almost had to pay out-of-state tuition (like me), and is basically dealing with the same "moving" stuff. I also have some friends who are getting ready to move without a job for their dad and because God just showed them it was time! (Oh how that sounds familiar!)

It's weird how I'm going to be tired till December 8. Actually, I'll probably still be tired after that...

Yeah, I know it's not healthy to drink Mtn Dew at 8 AM
But 11 piano lessons in 1 day calls for drastic measures!
Hopefully, I'll be back in a few weeks with a September Month In Review. I've done some fun stuff, and I'm looking forward to doing even more fun things in the next few weeks!

Disclaimer: "Weird" isn't the right word for a lot of this stuff, but you know, themes are important!


  1. Yeah!! I agree about some things! :D Also what's mountain dew?

    1. Yay! Mountain Dew is a veryyyyy caffeinated soda.

  2. The way you described moving, and feeling like you still live in your old state, but you don't, and you feel more like an observer in your new life is sooooo accurate! I'll be moving (hopefully) sometime this next year, and even though I swore I'd never miss this town, I think I'm going to feel very out of touch with my life for a while. Transplanting your life is a weird thing indeed...
    Great post, Ashley! I loved it. (-:
    (And I hope you find a place that makes yummy slushies ;( )

    1. Ohhh I just had another "wrong state" experience today :/ I'll be praying for you through the transition! Thanks :D Oh I do too!!

  3. Haha! I had a college roommate who drank so much Mountain Dew we started to worry about her heart :-o

    No slushies anywhere? Not even at the movie theater? I'm not the hugest slushie fan, but I need a cherry one once a year or so. Cook-Out is a good place for a shake now and then, though.

    One of my husband's college friends became an undertaker, and met his wife through work. As in, he arranged her father's funeral. Yeah, that's a pretty crazy story.

    Best wishes for the rest of the semester!


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