Monday, October 31, 2016

Random thoughts that aren't long enough for their own blog post - October 2016

Oh look, this is on time!

Cuz this is what I was looking at on Oct 1...

Ok, not a lot happened in October. Well, a very BIG thing happened, but I talked about that in my last month in a review which ended up being like a month and a half in review, but ANYWAY

In case you missed it, I got the opportunity to sub in as a piano player for a gospel group for 2 concerts! It was so great, and I can't wait till I get this degree so I can do that full time!!!

Also, I went to my first Nashville album party which was really cool! The songs the group sang were GREAT, and my piano teacher KILLED it on the piano! This also happened:

Anyway, life just went on for the rest of October. To make up for the lack of stupendiosity (I totally didn't make that word up), here's some random thoughts I had rolling around in this draft for a wee bit:

As I was typing this, I was on the brink of something super exciting in my life, getting to start fulfilling one of my biggest dreams (see above)! Anyway, I was terrified and excited, but I'd thought I'd share some epiphanies that I had that day.

Han Solo having an epiphany...

1) Sure, there's always the question "What if I can't do it?", but there's also the question "What if I CAN?" Personally, I tend to think I'm not ready to do stuff. I'm not skilled enough, I don't have enough experience, I'm just plain not prepared! So I ask myself worst case scenario questions like "What if these people don't like you?" or "What if you're in way over your head?" or "What if you flat out can't play?" but there's also a flip side to this question. "What if these people do like me?" OR "What if I can play well?" or "What if I can actually do this?!" Like there's a 50/50 chance I could actually do this!!!! (And I DID do it!!!)

2) Anyway, leading from that point, God wouldn't open up opportunities if I wasn't ready/wouldn't learn something from the experience. The verse "Faithful is He that calleth you who also will do it" has meant a lot to me the last few months. God wouldn't call my family to move across the country if He wasn't gonna enable us to do it. God wouldn't call me to get a degree if He wasn't gonna enable me to do it! And man alive, God wouldn't call me to fill in at the last minute for a group if He wasn't gonna enable me! It's just a great verse that really encourages me!

3) Leading on from THAT, we had a guest pastor at my church who talked about being a missionary in China. He brought up Revelation 3:8 which says that God set an open door in front of the church that NO man can shut. How cool is that?!?! Now, I gots a lot of stuff I wanna do in my life. Big things, little things, things that can ONLY happen if God orchestrates like everything. (isn't that how everything in life should be tho?) That verse really encouraged me today that if God has something in store for me, He'll open the door and NOBODY or NOTHING can close it!!

WOW that went deeper than I was anticipating, but that's what I've been thinking about this month. Basically, I'm learning to trust God (who's not tho) and be optimistic! God has really shown Himself to me in the past few years, and I look forward to seeing what He's gonna do next! Thanks for reading this and being awesome and here's my favorite internet video this week. Be as happy as this dog!

Coming up:
Cold - PTL it's not cold yet!!!!! (it's like 80 and everyone's complaining but I've had a taste of this cold and nope nope nope I'm counting these 80 blessings)
Thanksgiving break - AKA imma watch 22 episodes of a TV show in a week
Christmas break - AKA sleep for a month
Christmas - Umm maybe a record player maybe a new phone maybe every Roger Bennet (piano player) CD in existence
Sometime soon I hope - I find out if Uncle Sam has come through for my college tuition next year..

So, what's up with you? Did anything big happen in October for you? Thanks for getting to the bottom :)


  1. Wow! Congratulations on playing the piano in concerts! Sounds so cool! You totally deserve it of course. :-) I wish I could see you perform. :-)
    I know, the doors God opens is amazing. And when He closes a door, somewhere He opens a window! (Sound of Music quote. :-P)

    1. I was just thinking of that quote!!! I love it so much!


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