Saturday, October 15, 2016

September 2016: Ummm September was kinda awesome

Live look at the graph of the craziness of my life

Read the title folks, that says it all. September was crazy awesome! I did so many cool things and got to see/meet so many new friends. I can't even begin to explain how awesome it was!

Seeing my friends from Phx, some of the nicest and most generous people I know!!!!
College is going pretty well. I like always have homework. It's not even that hard of homework it's just that it's always there!!! But I just accept it as part of life and move on... What I like about my classes is that I can do them at my own pace. I can't get behind, but if I have extra time, I can get ahead, so getting ahead is like the all-consuming goal of my life (I'm not even kidding). But it has actually come in really handy with my crazy life lately, so I think I'll keep doing it XD

Between work and homework this is me...

Oh, I started teaching piano this month! I have 11 students, and I'm having a blast! (And yes, teaching piano is good money and you get to be around a piano all day so win/win) However, the lessons are all on Wednesday starting at 7AM and ending around 5PM and then I have church in the same building 2 hrs later, so it's a long day. (I do have breaks!) Thursdays are actually the rougher days, just trying to recover from Wednesdays!!!
The Island at Pigeon Forge as seen from the top of the ferris wheel

I got to go to the Tennessee State Singing Convention this month (September)!!! It actually happened super fast like most things happen to me right now. I didn't think I was gonna be able to go, but then 2 hrs before I left I got a ride, and 5 min before I left I had a hotel room XD It was so much fun! I got to see a lot of friends I hadn't seen in a while and I got to sing convention music and play second piano (!!!)
Me just playing second piano for dayzzz (or 3 songs)
Just a primer, a singing convention is when everyone gets together to sing out of these books that have Christian songs with, kinda involved, 4 part harmony. You sing for like 2 hours, have lunch, and come back to sing some more. It's a lot of fun! There are 2 pianos: a lead one, and then the second that just kind of backs up the lead. I got to play second piano which was really fun, but also kind of scary!!! My biggest non-southern gospel piano goal is now to play first piano at a convention! The Alabama Convention is next month, and I'll hopefully get to attend that!

Typical convention song
The rest of September was pretty low key until NATIONAL QUARTET CONVENTION BABY!!!! So quartet convention is the place that ALL the big southern gospel artists go for a week every year. I got to see some of my best friends from Phoenix, music camp, and southern gospel music!!! It was a blast. I legit got to hang with friends for 2 days and hear crazy good music and switch seats on a high ferris wheel (I do NOT recommend) and spend a lot of money and get second row seats and just basically have the time of my life!!!

Oh look I took a decent pic of something...
Well, that was the end of September. Life settled down for approximately 48 hours, and then my piano teacher texted me that the gospel group her boyfriend sings with needed a fill-in pianist, and life took off again!!! Last Sunday, I got play at TWO dates for a group with a live band (bass, drums, piano) which was soooo fun! It was a little stressful trying to cram the charts into my head and hands and keeping up with the set list, but really fun a rewarding! I don't know where my "career" is gonna go from here, but man does God have some plans for me!!!

View from the piano...
So that was September/beginning October. I got no promises on coming back to blog, and I haven't been reading a lot besides school books lately, but I read all your lovely blogs! Keep up the good work y'all!!!

Coming up:
In 10 minutes - Algebra homework
Legit who knows because that's my life
Alabama State Singing Convention - 11/11-12
Thanksgiving - AKA the week I'm gonna binge watch the Flash Season 2 because my papers should all be done by then
Christmas - Call me a hipster but I want a record player


  1. It's so good to hear from you again, Ashley! Sounds like you had a blast. (I LOVE the ferris-wheel-view-picture. The lighting is gorgeous.) Also, you must be the nicest piano teacher ever. :-D

    1. Thanks Naomi! (I love the name Naomi Sarah!) Hahaha I took that ferris wheel picture and was like oh my word I just took a good picture! Haha thanks! I try ;)

  2. Hi Ashley! I'm glad everything is going so well! I can't wait for Christmas. :D

  3. I own a record player. Does that make me a hipster?


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