Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas 2016!

Fave Christmas Song

First off, Merry Christmas! I hope you and your family/friends have fun celebrating the birth of Baby Jesus, one of the craziest, most wonderful events in the history of the world! Every time I think hard about the Christmas story, it gets so much more amazing!

This year, I've been thinking a lot about how Jesus was 100% man AND 100% all-powerful, all-knowing God AT THE SAME TIME. Like how??? He had to go through the awkwardness of whatever the Jewish equivalent of Jr High is, and he we know he cried, and was lonely and scared. The Bible says He grew in wisdom, stature, and favor with God and man, but as God He had all the wisdom in the world, had all the stature (power) and didn't need favor with God and man! Yet He came to earth to grow in those things!

But why? Why would someone love me so much to come from the most perfect place in all of time to come to a place where He was lonely and scared and ridiculed and sad and died a horrible, horrible death? And He obviously knew his purpose on earth from the story of him in the temple, but did he always have a realization of it? Was it always in his mind that He was God incarnate? Was he aware as a toddler? It's weird to think of Jesus as a cute little boy just barely walking around and coming out with one-liners that all toddlers do, but He was a little boy!!!! It just blows my mind and brings me to two realizations:

1) God loves me so very very much. Idk why, and I sure don't deserve it, but He does, even though I could never in a million years give Him back that same love. There's a song that says Jesus was born to die, and he was, but I think that more importantly he was born born to love us, through his death AND his life. Think about it, if Jesus hadn't loved people in an extraordinary way through his life, would his death really have been that extraordinary?


2) Jesus "was tempted like as we are." He knows what humans go through. He literally grew up on this earth. And while specific situations vary from generation to generation, the basic human emotions and feelings are consistent. He's been on this earth. He knows just how horrible it is. I mean, He would have always known that because He's God, but He EXPERIENCED it! Sure, I know a lot about the London Blitz but I wasn't there wondering if my house was gonna get bombed or if my little siblings were okay in the country. Jesus experienced our emotions!!! But HE NEVER SINNED. Idk how guys. Hopefully, I'll learn in Heaven. Right now, I just have to accept it if I ever wanna sleep at night!

Anyway, that's what I've been thinking about this Christmas. I'm overwhelmed by just how much God loves me!! I hope you and yours have a very Merry Christmas surrounded by the unfathomable love of Jesus!

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  1. I love this. :-)

    I KNOW. IT IS AMAZING. Merry Christmas!!!


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