Saturday, December 3, 2016

November 2016: Thxgiving and Cold (which I'm not thankful for)

Well, last week I had plenty of opportunities to write this post, but did I? Obviously not. So it's 9:50 and I have to get ready for tomorrow and get ready for bed, but I'm gonna write this post.

Plain ol' life happened this month. I turned in my honors project (finally), registered for next semester's classes (guess who gets to drive 45 min 2x a week *insert upside down smiley face cuz even with this emoji thing they don't have that...*), and finals are next week. (Actually, at the finishing of this post, I'm done with all my homework for this semester and only have finals next week!!!!)

I'm currently listening to the Carpenters' Christmas Portrait on repeat because it was on sale for $8 and Carpenters ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I could listen to Richard Carpenter play Christmas music all day. My other fave Christmas artists are Pentatonix, Beegie Adair, Harry Connick Jr., and all the classics like Andy Williams and Bing Crosby. I'm SO happy for Christmas music!!!!!!!!

It got cold (like the 60s/40s (FAHRENHEIT)), and I hate it but at least I have an ice remedy: a concoction of 2 parts rubbing alcohol to 1 part water in my car, and it really makes the ice disappear. But your car also smells like rubbing alcohol...

I got to go to a singing in the next county over. It was tiny, but a lot of fun. I also got to play first piano (not that there was a second one there...), which has been a goal of mine. I didn't do great, but it worked ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The election happened. I voted. We don't need to talk about it...

There will be no shortage of GIFs/memes over the next 4 years tho

I actually got to make/jump in a leaf pile with some kids I was babysitting!!
This was the height of a small child, not a tree just FYI
It's really hard to get a pic of a leaf pile when the ground is covered in leaves
I discovered this video. The dude's not actually talking in Russian. He's vocalizing like when you forget the words to a song so you're like "I really can't stay, but baby, it's cold outside. Doo bee bee wee doo, but baby it's cold outside."

Thanksgiving came and went and you can read about that here.

Ok, is this dressing or stuffing where you live??
This is a really short post, I know, but my life just wasn't that interesting this month. Next month, it will be a whole lot more interesting what with Christmas concerts, and Christmas, and possible New Years shenanigans. I'm looking forward to making my year-end wrap-up post, and also reading a lot more now that school's out. I got my library card yesterday, but you can only check out one thing the first time :( I picked a book I've read in 24 hrs before (The Secret Adversary by Agatha Christie), and I'm about to go pick up some other books in a little bit.

Looking forward:
School's out: 12/8
STAR WARS: 12/16
Christmas: 12/25 (duh)
(Y'all we compared 2016 to 1968 in Literature the other day because apparently 1968 was one of the worst years in American history  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

Hope you had a very thankful November even if you don't celebrate American Thanksgiving!

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  1. Ohhhhhhhhhh, I remember when Trololo was a huge meme thing like five years ago. Somewhere there's a hilarious mash-up video of Captain Kirk doing double-takes reacting to the guy's singing. Thanks for making me chuckle just remembering that :-)


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